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 CCT 224 Sept-Dec 2016
Performance Assessment
A 3rd year course in the CCIT Program of University of Toronto at Mississauga
CCT224 is a required prerequisite for CCT324 Organizational Theory and Behaviour, and CCT319 Economics and the Digital Firm
and CCT324 is a prerequiste for CCT424 Strategic Innovation
U of T snow line for UofT, UTM and UTSC 416-978-7669
Sept Oct Nov Nov-Dec
Performance Assessment General Introduction
for Sept 9
click to view YouTube video
2 Min 39 Sec
product orientation
sales orientation
marketing orientation
Mission Statements
(important to know for MGD415)

discussed Mission Creep and Mission Drift
Basics of Corporate Strategy
introduced Sept 9
for Sept 16
(important to know for MGD415)
o Goals
o Objectives
o Plans
o Strategy
o Tactics
Key Performance
- examples
- average time to delivery
- same store sales
- employee turnover

The problem with KPIs
A common way to select KPIs is to use the categories of the Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard
for Sept 16
read again on your own
reference to read
reference to read
Prof. Robert S. Kaplan
his Harvard site
reference to read 
Prof. David P. Norton
his corporate bio site
(reference for class
Development of the Balanced Scorecard as a mgmnt tool

guest speaker 2014
Dr. Eric Cousineau
OCG Strategy
Powerpoint used by Cousineau
The Influences of the 
Competitive Environment
(important to know for MGD415)
Sept 16

noted info vs. intelligence
1 Min 19 Sec
video discussing 
Chinese "Apple" 
phone Xiaomi (2013)
"the enemy of my enemy is my friend"
Push versus Pull marketing
noted Sept 23 using example of Jerk Chicken flavoured potato chipss 


Types of Competition
(important to know for MGD415)
- Monopoly
- Monopolistic
- Oligopoly
- Pure Competition
RBC Bank glossary
for investor relations
Shareholders and
view on your 

Financial Statements 
and their Interpretation
did Sept 23 - read again on your own
explained difference between book keeping and accounting
Sept 23
1 Min 10 Sec
Prof. Steve Litt on "internal" and "external" applications of using statements
watch on your own

- the Balance Sheet
- the Income Statement
- the Cash Flow Statement
- sales, - gross profit margin
- operating expenses
- R / D expenses
- operations
- net income, net profit
- return on investment, ROI, ROE
Balance Sheets
- working capital
- shareholders equity
- debts, current and term
- leverage ratios
Capital Markets
- market capitalisation
- discussion of why companies "go to the street" to raise money
Initial Public Offering
"going to the street"
VCs Venture Capitalists
did Sept 30

Jet Cooper
founded by UTSC grads
- Satish Kanwar
- Verne Ho
- Andrew Peek

Case Study ""
Shopify's Prospectus
did Sept 30

Why do an IPO
did Sept 30

video discusses why do an IPO
WTGR on CTV re: Apple
- Video added Oct 3rd
re: target market segment
re: Product Life Cycle
re: competitive environment

WTGR on CTV May 21 2015
re: Shopify IPO
Bass Pro buying Cabelas (announced Oct 3rd)
they were under pressure from an activist hedge fund manager

Bass Pro 99 stores
Cabelas 85 stores
did Sept 30 
-as a part of increasing employee performance
did Sept 30 
- hierachy of needs
Bonds and the Bond Market
LBO Leveraged Buy Out
Proxy Fight
did Sept 30

Activist Shareholders
"Above the fold"
did Sept 30
The tyranny of quarterly 
did Sept 30
earnings explained in the context of not having contingency plans
1 Min 49 Sec

Financial Ratios
for Oct 7
 o Leverage ratios
 o Liquidity ratios
 o Efficiency ratios
 o Profitability ratios
 o Investor Ratios

Investor Ratios discussed by a team of students in the 2012 class - discussing "something they learned that was interesting"

Google's 5 Key 
Financial Ratios
for Oct 7

Operating Margin - it's good
Revenue Growth -  good
Price-to-Sales P/S -  average
Price-to-Earnings-  average
Debt-to-Equity -  very good
Human Capital and performance
Performance Appraisal Effectiveness
2 min 16 sec
for class Oct 21
video on how to measure employee performance - and relates to 
Assignment 3
Data Analytics
discussed Oct 28 in the context of job interview questions

Data Analytics / Big Data
read again on your own
WTGR on CTV 2013
1 min 54 sec
mentioned Oct 28
re: Meta Data and privacy issues

Big Data
role of IT in hiring/firing
Maclean's article Oct 2012
noted Oct 28

(Why is it important to you - read the article and pay attention to the part about packing our resumes with key words)
1 Min 3 Sec
did Oct 28
Prof. Chris Bovaird discussing attracting and retaining employees as a competitive advantage
- an important differentiator
Performance Assessment and NPOs 
Non Profit Organizations
Nonfinancial dimensions
noted  re: Shopify
did Oct 21

 o awareness of issues
 o political lobbying results
 o education/health issues
How the company's relationship with 
- customers
- suppliers
- other stakeholders
video on stakeholders
3 Min 37 Sec
effects performance
not all customers are desirable Velvet Rope
Customers for Life
noted and discussed Oct 28

guest speaker
2016 Oct 28
Nora Mawasahi
guest speaker
2014 Oct 10
Prof. Bob Carroll
1 Min 09 Sec
2013 video 
showed Oct 28
3 Min 08 Sec
2014 Oct 10 video d
3 Generic Strategies
noted Oct 28
 o Operational Excellence
 o Customer Intimacy
 o Product Leadership

Assignment 3 presentations
discussed Oct 21
link fixed oct 31
(thanks Angi/Angel M.)
presentation tips page
read thoroughly
Role of Globalization 
Role of I.T. (see MGTC11)
- changing the way companies perform and compete
and read on your own
Globalization - Sovereignty
and read on your own
Reverse Globalization
read on your own
Business Processes
BPR Business Process Re-engineering
read on your own
TQM Total Quality Management
did Sept 23rd
4 min 50 Sec
showed Sept 23
J.I.T. Just in Time
did Sept 23 
What does it mean when you have to analyze something
- watch this video for tips
2 Min 42 Sec
made in CCT224 in 2012

To help you with the Term Project, and, any projects
Sources of Information
did Sept 30
1. governments
2. associations
3. corporate info
know this in advance as you plan your final project
noted Sept 30
video about using Associations, noted May 19th that you should watch this video again on your own
- corporate webpages
did Sept 30
video about corporate info from the CEO speech to the AGM
noted May 19th
Noted Financial Post listing of stories about major companies
ie. Tim Hortons

Term Project Details (2016) 
Part 1 pre-report, () 5 percent
Part 2, main report, 20 percent

150 students
in groups of 5
(class voted Oct 7th to be allowed to pick their own groups

Remember, the Presentations are just a presentation - there is no "report" to hand in - but, if you want, you can hand out something to help the audience know what you did
- - - - - - - - - 
ATTENDANCE at all presentations is compulsory and part of the course requirements

Sept 9 2016
Sept 16 GOPST Assignment 1, Part A
worth 5 percent
Sept 23
Sept 30
Sept 30 GOPST Assgnt 1,Part B
Oct 7 video
Oct 10 Thanksgiving Day
Oct 11-14 break week
Oct 21

Assignment 2
(Financial Statements)
worth 10 percent
resource Scott Allen
example Manitoba

Oct 21
Oct 28
Nov 4 Assignment 2 due
Nov 11 Remembrance Day
- no class
Nov 18 - presentations
Nov 25 - presentations
Dec 2 - presentations
Assignment 3 
Appraisal Effectiveness

Three (3) hours
worth 40 percent

For the section taught by 
Prof. W. Tim G. Richardson
tel: 416-491-5050 ext 77534
Instructional Bldg room 3011 CCIT Bldg
2016 Sept-Dec (blackboard)
Assignment 1, Part A in class 5 percent
Assignment 1, Part B GOPST 10 percent
Assignment 2  Financial Statements 10 percent 
Assignment 3 Performance Appraisal  10 percent
Term Project Details  Part 1 due Nov 4 5 percent
Term Project Details  Part 2 20 percent
Final Exam 40 percent

deer - at UTM, photo by WTGR 2010


.dates are subject to change due to weather and other circumstances
Read The Newspaper
Part 1
Read The Newspaper
Part 2
getting rich on the stock market
Read The Newspaper
Part 3
learn an
Industry Sector
Read The Newspaper
Part 4
Business magazines
are important
- basics
- how you earn the highest marks
- how they are calculated
- the numbers
Group Work
- what the Report should look like
- binding, pages, table of contents
Group Work / Reports Part 2
The importance of using "Mature Language" in your writing
Group Work / Reports Part 3
important considerations
Group Work / Reports Part 4
Coordinating the submission
Communication w group members
comments on the presentations
In reviewing the presentations for Assignment 3 in Nov 2012, I was not satisfied that what was presently actually represented the material the groups had on hand to present, and it did not represent what they could have done if they had more time.
But, the parameters where the same for most groups so it is fair..... however, to address the situation of "un-said words", or material not shown, I am allocating an additional 5 marks for you to provide material to me, or a URL link to me on Friday, for consideration.
Your presentation mark will be out of "/10" for what you did already, and this additional material will be marked out of "/5". That said, I am expecting that when this is finished, most of you will have earned a B or B plus or A minus on the presentation, and higher marks for the "left over" material.
LESSON - if you get a chance to make an important presentation in "real life", don't leave anything behind in the locker room,
(you may not get another chance like I am giving you)
leave it all on the field and judge your timing critically. If you need help understanding this metaphor, ask an athlete, or ask me in class Friday.
GOPST Sept 2012 . .
UTM student Rayn in CCT224 is an accomplished majician and the GOPST of his group involved 3 parts. Part 1 was showing the prof a trick in class. Part 2 was having that trick taught to someone else in the group who had no majic background. The clip above shows Rayn teaching his "student" Part 3 was when that person took the newly learned majic skill and was able to do it with the prof.

GOPST Sept 2012
sum'pin in a Pizza Box Break-up recovery kit
(like, get over it, at least you didn't have 3 kids and a house to sell... just saying)
to survive a Zombie apocalypse
(for ppl that watch way too much TV and ignore the real world)
To "improve the UTM student experience"
(prize for the biggest impact, and most difficult for the prof to carry back to his office... but if you are going for "memorable", you win)
a YouTube video about being healthy
some other pics didn't turn out, and there are some other groups that did YouTube videos

 U of T snow line for UofT, UTM and UTSC 416-978-7669
Section A Section B Section C Section D
2016 Summer
May 10
May 12
. . .
Sept 11 2015
Sept 18 Assignment 1
Sept 25
Oct 2
Oct 9
Oct 16 Assgnt 1,Part B
Oct 23
Oct 30 Assignment 2 due
Nov 6
Nov 13 presentations
Nov 20 presentations 
Nov 27 presentations 
2015 Summer
May 12 2015
May 14 GOPST Part A
worth 5 percent
May 19
May 19
May 21 GOPST Assgnmnt 1,Part B
May 26 discuss Assignment 2
May 28 Assignment 2 SitRep
May 28
June 2
June 4 Assignment 2
June 9
June 11 Assignment 2 due
Assignment 3
Appraisal Effectiveness
(just a presentation - no report)
June 16presentations 
June 18 presentations 

Two (2) hours worth 40 percent

Sept 12 2014
Sept 19 Assignment 1, Part A
worth 5 percent
Sept 26
Oct 3 Assignment 1, Part B
worth 10 percent
Oct 10 discuss Assignment 2
Oct 17 Assignment 2 SitRep
Oct 17
Oct 24
Oct 31Prof absent - medical
Assignment 3
Nov 7 Assignment 2 due
Assignment 3 presentations 
Nov 14 presentations
Nov 21 presentations 
Nov 28 presentations 
Sept 13 2013
Sept 20 Assignment 1, Part A
worth 5 percent
Sept 27 Assignment 1, Part B
worth 10 percent
Oct 4 
Oct 11 discuss Assignment 2
Oct 18 Assignment 2 SitRep
Oct 25 prof sick
Assignment 2 (2013)  (Financial Statements)
Nov 1 Assignment 2 due
Nov 8 

Assignment 3 (2013)
worth 10 percent

Class list of groups for 
Assigment 3

Nov 15
Nov 22 presentations Assignment 3
Nov 22 project - hand in Part 1 
Nov 29 last class 
Nov 29 presentations Assignment 3
classes end Dec 2nd 2013
Final Project due Dec 2nd
EXAM Dec 19th  09-11 am
Sept 14 2012
Sept 21 Assignment 1, Part A
worth 5 percent
Sept 2 Assignment 1, Part B
worth 10 percent
Oct 5 prof sick - no class
Oct 12 discuss Assignment 2
Oct 19
Oct 26
Assignment 2 (2012)  (Financial Statements)
worth 10 percent
Oct 26 
Nov 2
Nov 9 no attended class

Assignment 3 (2012)
worth 10 percent

Nov 16 presentations Assignment 3
class runs from 09:00 - 12:00
Nov 23 project - hand in Part 1 of term project
Nov 30 last class 
Term Project Details (2012) 
Part 1 pre-report, 5 percent
Part 2, main report, 20 percent
Sept 09 2011
Sept 16
Sept 23 Assignment One
Sept 30 
Sept 30
Oct 7
Oct 14 prof away / medical
Oct 21

Assignment Two (Ratios)
due Oct 21

Oct 28 class cancelled
Nov 4
Nov 11

Assignment Three
due Nov 11

Nov 18
Nov 25 project - hand in Part 1
Dec 2

Term Project Details 
due the last official day of classes at UTM




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