updated 2014 Sept 24
CCT 224
Performance Assessment
A 3rd year course in the CCIT Program of University of Toronto at Mississauga

ASSIGNMENT 2 - Financial Statements (2013, and 2014)

This assignment requires you to
(1) obtain information about the financial statements of a company
(2) in an ordered way, write out the information you research
(3) submit the information to the professor
Procedure and Organization In class the professor will divide the class into  groups according to the alphabetical order of the class list.
If you did not attend this class, you will still be held responsible for contacting the other members in the group.
If group members are not able to contact a particular group member, or that person does not respond to emails or phone calls, the group is welcome to continue the project on without that person(s).
When you submit the work , it is presumed that if a name is on the cover page as a group member, then that person participated (so do not put someone's name on the cover if they did not equally contribute to the work)
see this video on group work  youtube.com/watch?v=ybZbld2gyLI

What you do

Go back in time and pay attention to the discussion in  (or re-read witiger.com/internationalbusiness/financial-statements.htm) and listen carefully to Richardson's explanations of "reasons why", and "limitations of" about financial statements. Also pay attention to the purpose and usefulness of having accurate statements and what effects that accuracy.

Analyze specific numerical data (financial statements) of a medium or large sized public company operating in Canada
The purpose is to "evaluate their performance"

Appreciate that not all performance is specifically quantitative, but, for investors, numbers are usually the key
... facebook "likes" don't always cause the stock price to rise.
formerly CCT224 TA Tim S. added this note in fall 2012 So basically for the assignment you are required to pick a company (it says Canadian and you should stick to that, unless you have a really good company to do in the U.S., Europe or Asia) analyze its financial statements in terms of the 6 environments.
So first thing's first, for anyone who wasn't in class today or didn't hear Tim S's explanation, any easy way to pull up a company's financial statements is to go on their company website and find a tab called investors or investor relations  (something with investors) and then you can pull up their financial statements of the respective company.

A couple groups were asking Tim S. what to do with the financial statements once you have them. Basically what's  required is that, you apply the 6 environments
to the financial statements. Eg, With the example Tim S. showed in class,
British Petroleum. Their financials in terms of assets, accounts receivable,
etc. was fine in 2008, 2009 but in 2010 they dropped. Why? Because of that
huge oil spill. So in this case you would discuss how the 6 environments had an impact on their financials. Eg."The economic environment was effected because due to that     incident, the debt-to-equity ratio went up in 2010, share prices dropped, etc" and then I would go discussing how     the other 5 environments were affected as well. (of course in a lot more detail)

In general, when you're analyzing the financial statements, regardless if the
company has been growing or  diminishing over the years, discuss how
the 6 environments has played a part in that in terms of the company's 
financials (revenues, assets, etc.)

At the end of the report, just include a short discussion of the company's
performance currently, and maybe even include how you might see them in the near future.

There is no page limit on this assignment but at the same time we are looking for quality over quantity. If you are hitting, like, 20-30+ pages, make sure every page and every  bit of information you include has relevance to what you are talking
about. If you're talking about a certain  part of the financial
statement, maybe just cut of that part and put it an appendix, don't print out
many pages of     financial statements..


+ make sure you review these videos as to how it should appear.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxguksrUZfk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7e9WSnC0Tk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybZbld2gyLI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsPyhq52IwU
Group Work
- what the Report should look like
- binding, pages, table of contents
Group Work / Reports Part 2
The importance of using "Mature Language" in your writing
Group Work / Reports Part 3
important considerations
Group Work / Reports Part 4
Coordinating the submission
Communication w group members

hint, do a company with problems, there are more things to discuss.