CCT 224
Performance Assessment
A 3rd year course in the CCIT Program of University of Toronto at Mississauga

ASSIGNMENT 3    10% - the mark is for the presentation, you do not have to hand in a report

Human Capital and performance
Performance Appraisal Effectiveness

In Assignment 3 your task is to "analyze the Performance Appraisal Effectiveness" of a medium or large sized enterprise
Enterprise can mean a company, government agency, non-profit association etc.
It is suggested "medium or large size" because small companies might not have enough to talk about to allow you to have done enough to earn full marks for the assignment.

1. Look at how an enterprise quantifies and qualifies its human capital assets
basically discussing your company in terms of "What it has"
(ie. how does it list and describe its people)

2. What it measures - what specific techniques and measures does it apply to appraising the performance of its staff
- do you think the performance appraisal measures are effective? 
- (and, keep in mind the measure of effectiveness can always be considered something that helps the enterprise achieve their Objectives)

- ie. how good are they at using performance appraisal interviews?
- would you suggest improvements

3. PERKS - if you accept the understanding that HR is the most important assest, it naturally follows that companies that have been investing in good people, will do something to make sure those people are happy, which then.. hopefully..means they will be productive and stay with the company a long time to contribute value and profitability. So, the question is, given the current economic situation in which companies are cutting expenses, what are some of the things they manage to do to provide perks for the employees they value?
Think of what WTGR said in Class Nov 7th about how American companies like Walmart and Home Depot do little things to motivate their employees, and hopefull increase productivity

Google is famous for providing amazing perks to employees, you won't find that realistically, elsewhere, so just look for benefits and services that the company might give to help their people. Think of everything from pension contributions to childcare, to 50/50 for professional development courses etc.
In particular, think of non-financial perks.

What you do In order to do this assignment you may select an enterprise that is/was a(n) employer of one of the members of the group (which would be good because then you have first-hand experience), or an enterprise of any company
- you will summarize you findings, and then present the results to the class Nov 14, 21 and 28 (2014)
Caution The reason it is suggested that you select a company in which a group member is an employee, is because such information may not be easily obtained from a firm by "strangers" since such information could be considered confidential or restricted for competitive reasons - keeping in mind that many companies consider their employees to be their number one resource, information about employees is sensitive.
Challenge The hardest part of this assignment is finding a good company for which you can find the info you need to do a good presentation. Some time and effort should be expended on this - you might even want to narrate a bit about this briefly in the intro to your presentation.

use this resource presentation tips page
- make sure you engage the audience and leave the class with something "useful and interesting"

look at this page which discusses sources of info

The Assignment is worth 10 Percent
It will be marked out of 30

10 marks for content
The info they found about the enterprise
Did they have good information on the enterprise and analyze it in the context of the course topics

10 marks for the presentation - the way you present and use of various presentation techniques and media (PPT, video, audio, handouts etc.)
Use of “rich media” - did the video/ppt work, did the sound work
Did they make it easy for the prof to know who they are and who did what?
Did they dress well, or have a presence fitting upper year  business / marketing students doing a presentation?

8 marks for engaging the audience
Was the audience (prof, students) left with the impression they learned something useful or interesting from the presentation 

2 marks
What thing(s) did they do BETTER than all of the other groups? 
It is understood that groups that present in the 3rd week have an advantage in seeing what students did in Week 1 and Week 2 - this will be taken into account in the marking.

It should be understood by students that in a large class of 120+ students, marking such a "non test" situation is challenging... every consideration will be given to factors to allow for fair and equal evaluation, at the same time keeping in compliance with UofT's grading policies.