updated 2015 April 30
CCT 224
Performance Assessment
A 2rd year course in the CCIT Program of University of Toronto at Mississauga


This assignment is done in 2 parts

Part 1 worth 5 percent - will be done IN CLASS May 14 and handed in that same class
- it is something that can ONLY be done in that class, if you didn't come to class, you can't do it by yourself
- if you didn't get officially signed in to this course til after May 14th this assignment will be waived
- if you are officially on the "class list" prior to May 14th, you are responsible for doing this assignment

Part 2 worth 10 percent - will be done by the students in groups,  and handed in "in class" May 21
What you will do

description of the tasks

Part 1
In class 2015 May 14 the professor will divide the class into groups according to the seating in the class
- basically the people in the immediate area around you will be in your group
- the groups will be 3,4, 5 or 6 people (3 or 4 is best)
- you will use time in class to write a Goal, and discuss and write down some Measurable Objectives by which that goal will be accomplished
- you will then, if time allows (meaning if you use your time effectively), write some plans for each Objective
- this will be put on a piece of paper, hand written is OK, with the names of the group members, and handed in before you leave the class at the end 
IT IS EXTREMELY IMportant that when you do this that you properly spell the names of the group members who participated

3rd Depot Lake north of Verona July 2011 by W.T.G.R.
What you will do

description of the tasks

Part 2
In class May 19
You will receive Part 1 handed back with a letter grade

After you walk out of the class May 19 you are welcome to form a new group for Part 2, or keep the same people you just worked with in class - either way is OK.

You will form a new group (or use same group_ of 3, 4, 5 or 6 people
(3 or 4 is best because you can substantiate that everybody equally contributed)

You can use the same groups as before, or different people.
Everybody must be in a group - that is part of the assignment "to work in a group", so you cannot do this individually

The group will meet outside of class, (or online) discuss a Goal for a situation. It can be a serious business circumstance or something "different", there are no limitations as long as it is not racist or pornographic.

Create some measurable Objectives
Write some relevant Plans
Write some Strategies by which the Plans can be carried out
And, if you can, write some Tactics (action things) which will be what the Strategy is composed of
(my marking will focus on good Objectives fitting the Goal, and reasonable Plans matching the Objectives)

You submit this assignment in any "format" you chose
- written text on paper
- "death by powerpoint", prezi
- a video on YouTube (popular in 2010)
- check  witiger.com/ecommerce/GOPST-student-assignments.htm 
- any format you want as long as it is something visible that can be marked
- there is no restriction or limitation on what you put in the "material", 
(just as long as you don't get arrested for stealing something)

HINT: (don't focus on being so creative about the format that you miss having solid measurable objectives)

The assignment is "due" at 6:10 pm May 21 on the desk at the front of the class
Keep in mind, you live in a "competitive environment".