Student Testimonials
- updated 2012 - small update 2020 Oct 15
Strictly on a voluntary basis, former students of Prof. Richardson were asked if they wanted to make any comments about, or Prof. Richardson's teaching. Here is a list of some of those students, and their comments - some comments are in the language of the country the student came from. Students supplied their own pics.
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BCS 555
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MRK 410
pic supplied by Richelle
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MRK 410
click to hear Michael click on Michael's image to hear his comments, in Mandarin
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MRK 410 click on Xiao's image to hear his comments on his experience in 
BCS 555
pic supplied by Xiao
click Ashley's image to hear her comments on her experience in 
BCS 555 in 2004.

pic supplied by Ashley

In the summer of 2005 Ashley was accepted at Harvard to take a course there.
congratulations Ashley on your continued success
click to hear V click on Vandara (V's) image to hear her comments on MRK 410

V made comments in English, and Laotian

This is the flag of Laos

pic supplied by V click on Alena's image to hear her comments in Russian

This is the modern flag of Russia

pic supplied by Alena
c click on Sol's image to hear his comments, in Korean about course MGD415

pic supplied by Sol click on Wyann's image to hear her comments, in Mandarin & English about course MGD415


pic supplied by Wyann

UTM student Simeon K. in April 2008 sent an email, with attached audio clip, to provide some overview comments on what he thought of having taken the course MGD415

Click HERE for the clip in English, 

and HERE for the version in Bulgarian

pic supplied by Simeon

m click on Aleen's image to hear her comments about being in Richardson's class
2009 Dec UPDATE - Aleen emailed to say she is working as an Events Specialist in the
Marketing Department of well known advertising firm Ogilvy Renault

2012 March update - Aleen is now Business Development Manager
at Oliver & Bonacini Events, AND... teaching a class at Seneca

What is a measure of a good professor?

Did the students really learn something useful and interesting and is there any evidence of that learning?
- meaning,  did someone get a job and make some $$$

When Prof. Richardson asks you at the end of the class "did you learn something useful and interesting" - this is not an empty comment - it is a real attempt to make sure that every class is useful and something you can use in the "real world" to get a job, or create a job and make money, or live your live in a better way cause you learned something useful to save time.
So, to "give props" to my former students, I have dedicated part of this page to noting some of the accomplishments of my students at Seneca College and University of Toronto (UTSC and UTM) - kinda like a Junior "A" hockey Coach posting pics of his former players who made it to the NHL
- if you are a former student of mine and did something interesting - let me know and I'd really like to be in touch.
 the logo above is from a Toronto based clothing company that was founded in April 2000 by Lester S. - a student of witiger's in MGTD06 at University of Toronto
Scarborough College

2010 Oct

Straight up, this Caribbean Queen had the biggest "personality" of anyone I have had the pleasure to teach - an energetic brainy women who was in my e-commerce classes at UofT Mississauga campus in 2008.

Tara went back to Barbados and is a rising star - she is now a teacher, and she does websites for celebrities, and emailed Oct 2010 to say she is doing her Masters of Science degree in e-commerce.


Tara emailed to say "Whenever I teach my students I remember the interesting classes you gave and I try to be as creative as possible so they too can be inspired.  Thanks for your guidance and wonderful personality, and for this site!!! I still use it to this day!!! "
2010 March

Received an email from Jaclyn in March 2010 saying
"I took your International Business a few years ago and now, I'm currently working in China.  I've been in Nanjing for almost 8 months and it's been an eye-opener"

This is a pic Jaclyn had her family take at convocation in June 2010

bsv 2009 December
Received an email from Germany - former MGTC44 student Dan L. provided an update on his work at Porsche.
Dan says
"I wanted to thank you for the amazing experience of having been in your International Business Management class (MGT C44). The insights of that course really help me in my daily work, as I currently am in a Co-op term working as the Assistant of the CFO Porsche Deutschland in their Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany."
The video "testimonial" was made during a visit Dan made to the C44 class the semester after he took the course - the video is Dan speaking in German, about the course
Dan added
"Besides the great classroom experience, your course turned out to be very useful in practical work and helped me e.g. to develop risk assessments of the international automobile industry. 
Tools like the "6 environments" provided a really helpful guideline for structuring my analysis.""
2009 September
Received a nice email from Vidhi who was a student at UTM.

Vidhi said "Hello Professor Richardson,
Hope you're doing well. I took two of your classes in 4th year of my DEM program (2006-2007), specifically CCT 322 and MGD 415. Besides paying the most attention in your class, I also retained and used your course material during my work as a Marketing Coordinator at Thomson Reuters and as a Market Analyst at Barzel Industries. I never attend an interview for marketing positions without reviewing your website first (awesome website, please don't change it).
I saw the former students section on your website and thought I should let you know that your infectious personality and teaching style are unique and motivating for your students. Take care,"


2009 April 
Some students impress me because they get into Law School, or MBA, or find a great job, other students impress me because they try very hard to learn, and show improvement when they were shy in the beginning.

Sky was in my "intro to business" class Jan-Apr 2009. In the beginning he was shy, but... once we got him talking about his job working at Cinnabon, he was a business genius and we were able to work that into many concepts of the course - in fact one class we had to stop early cause it was getting into too much distracting detail about how good the product tastes - anyhooo, Sky said because we talked about it so much, maybe he could bring some to the last class, I said sure, so he showed up the last class with 4 big boxes, + paper plates + napkins and forks - it was awesome - we all ate and spent only 5 min on the review.
Sky got A++++ and is now at Harvard ;-)

2009 April 

Dev Basu  - former TA in MGTD06 and 
"Search Engine Optimization Superstar"

- guest lecture for Prof. Richardson at 
University of Toronto
  o Scarborough Campus and 
  o Mississauga Campus 
and partner in YouTube videos about SEO

bsv video of a "teaching narrative" between Prof. Tim Richardson and USTC student Dev Basu about SEO 2009

Part 1c

Part 2


April 2009 

Dear Prof. Richardson,

As someone who had inspired me to look upon web as the industry of choice, I wanted to share my latest success story with you.  I was recently mentioned in ComputerWorld, CIO.COM, The Standard and others for a post on my blog at for my insight on IBM's Linux vs Windows Server platforms.

Attached is the URL of the main article:

Thanks again for all your support and inspiration!

Bilal Jaffery, Web Marketing Manager, IBM Lotus Software Group

ff From an email I received in Oct 2008
Hi Professor Richardson
I was in your FSM 620 class a couple of years ago and I just wanted to give you a quick update of what I'm doing now.  Currently, I am General Manager of "Syndicate Mortgages".  It is a mortgage brokerage which deals with all the major banks and lenders in Canada and works to find clients the best mortgages available in the market. 

A large portion of our business is web-based so learning about Search Engine Ranking in your class was truly beneficial.  Currently, we are working on applying all of the tips you shared in class i.e. metatags, links in/out, blogs to increase our exposure on the web.

I must say that your class was the most unique and interesting class that I've ever taken.  I would recommend it to everyone.
SUNG LEE, General Manager, 
RMAI Syndicate Mortgages So in 2007, after a decade of living in "Malvern", aka Scarlem aka wife and I [WTGR] decided to move "up north"

We actually went beyond 905 and ended up in the 705 - anyhooo, this meant selling our old house near Morningside and Sheppard.

Ravi Singh was a former student in my USTC class MGTD06 and he had become a real estate broker. I had confidence in him and said "OK, you get exclusivity on selling my house" - he did !!!, and we got a great price and did it in a short period of time - just goes to show that you should always trust your former students.

This is a screen capture from Ravi's webpage,
which he developed, in part, with tips he learned in MGTD06

From an email I received in Sept 2008

Alex R.  was in MGT C44, Int'l Business in 2007.
he also served as Coordinator, MESA iBiz Week in early 2008
and was VP Operations and CFO, SCSU (2006-2007)

"Your class was a great learning experience and introduction to the International Business field!...Living by yourself in a new country that has a new culture and in which you have to get by in a language you didn`t have the chance to learn much of before arriving is... definately an experience!"
Alex is on an internship with AIESEC
 "Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales"
and posted to Yoshida SKT
where he works as
Marketing and Quality Control Intern (2008)

the pic was taken when he made a recent trip to Brussels

An email I received in June 2008

"Hi Prof. Richardson, 
I just wanted to drop a note to see how things were going with you this summer, and to update you on where I ďended upĒ. Since we last spoke, a lot has actually happened.  For one, I have officially convocated and am now a graduate of U of T Scarborough. And as you may have noticed by the email address, I got employed by Microsoft Canada and am working here in a Marketing Program Manager role!  Itís really interesting and exciting stuff, and Iím finding tons of ways to apply the things Iíve learned in school and even more thatís new to me. Thank you for everything Ė from the lessons both inside and outside of the classroom, the TA opportunity, and much more Ė over the last few years.  I hope you and your family are well, and that we can stay in touch.
All the best,"

Satish K.
President of Communications (2007)
Management and Economics Students' Association (MESA)
University of Toronto Scarborough 
and former TA, MGTD06 in 2007

2020, Satish is the General Manager and Vice President of Product, Channels at Shopify
Satish Kanwar (@skanwar). VP & GM at @Shopify

click to see larger pic

An email I received in Sept 2007

"It's been about a semester since I have left your [MGTD06] class and have not stopped applying all that I have learned into my work term position here  at Microsoft.  Every day I look at reports on page views, click throughs, for a campaign page and everything ties back to the things  that I've been taught in D06.

I have been really inspired by your teachings on e-commerce/web  marketing as, I find now that internet marketing is the most efficient  and resourceful method of marketing that yields the highest ROI  compared to any other vehicles."

Angie L.
Vice President of Communications (2007)
Management and Economics Students' Association (MESA)
University of Toronto Scarborough 

An email I received in March 2007

Wade B. a UTM student (in 3rd yr) was in MGD 415 and CCT 322. Together with a student from the St. George campus, Wade won a business plan competition and the price was SEVeral thousand dollars.

The pic to the right shows Wade (the blonde haired guy) with his partner, holding the cheque.
The women on the left is Sun-Jeng [Associate President of  U  of T Enterprise Creation Association]


pic supplied by Wade

An email I received in February 2007

Alicia, (in 3rd yr Feb 2007) was in MGT C44, Int'l Business in Sept-Dec 2006 has been selected to go to Japan in Sept 2007 to study at Keio University. (she later took MGTD06 and MGTC46 in 2008, 2009)

Hi Prof. Richardson,
I hope you're doing well, and that you're having as much fun in your
current Int. Biz class as you did with us. The entire application process was  not a walk in the park, because Japan is the most competitive program  to get into. However, a very good note for any aspiring students at  the Scarborough campus, the exchange office is demanding more students  from outside St. George campus!...

Alicia is also involved in, the world's largest student organization and served as Cultural Support Network @ UTSC, Vice President of Finance, Educational Program Supervisor
FYI AIESEC is a French acronym for "Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales"v

pic supplied by Alicia
Alicia - update June 2009

Prof. Richardson with Alicia at convocation
Keio is one of the top 5 universities in Japan, founded in 1858 it has a reputation for being very international.

An email I received in February 2007

Angelo S. was in MGT C44, Int'l Business Jan-Apr 2006. Graduated from UTSC, and is now a full-time military officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, having previously served in the Toronto Scottish regiment while a UTSC student..

2nd Lt. Angelo emailed to say
I attended your course in International Business last year. Since then I have joined the CF as an intelligence officer and currently hold the rank of 2LT.  I am currently undergoing .................. training  at .....  Am looking forward to my first tour in country ...... I hope everything is well with you in Toronto.

Prof. Richardson emailed back to say
I am very pround of your accomplishments -  it is a very noble and honourable pursuit and you deserve respect for choosing a challenging path. 

pic supplied by Lt. Angelo

cap badge of the Torscots

An email I received in March 2007

"Miss Tani Iffat" was in MGT C44, Int'l Business Jan-Apr 2007. At the time (March 2007) she was a finalist in Miss World Canada

Tani's press release, which she offered to be listed herein, states,
Miss Tani Iffat a resident of Downtown Toronto and a Co-op Management student of the University of Toronto Scarborough has been selected as the 2007 representative of the Toronto Region for the national competition. This young lady aspires to one day become the first ethnic woman prime minister of Canada. Upon graduation she plans to work with humanitarian non-profit organizations as an activist on the world stage. She is currently a Big Sister in her community, a Foster Parent, and an Amnesty International Canada supporter. Tani was also a contestant in the Miss Universe Canada competition in Aug 2006

Prof. Richardson emailed back to say
I hope you win, and I'd be very pleased to have a C44 grad be the Prime Minister - especially if you came back as a guest speaker.

pic supplied by Tani
click Tani - update June 2009

Prof. Richardson with Tani at convocation

An email I received in November 2005

Hi Prof. Richardson,

Just wanted to say hello. I have always taken interest in your web site and still visit it from time to time to see what links and new things you have on there. I really enjoyed your course ... the purpose of this e-mail was to say hello. Did you end up getting another bike? 
I am currently working as 2nd level support and supervisor for a helpdesk at IBM Canada Ltd. Great opportunity which allows me to pursue a career in management. 

All the best          -Ari F. (was BCS 555 in 2002)

pic supplied by Ari

An email I received in October 2005
- a year and a half after the student took the course

Dear Prof. Richardson,
How are you doing? Robert Lee, your former student at Seneca College taking MRK410  Right now (2005), I'm working in Guatemala at a Manufacturing company  that exports clothes to the U.S. Thank you for teaching me E-commerce. It is useful in what I'm  doing right now. I can show them how to become number one in the search engines. 
Robert emailed in 2006 - he is now in Vietnam, continuing to be involved in cool business opportunities
Thank you once again Mr. Richardson,
Yours Truly,
Robert L. in MRK 410 January-April 2004

flag of Guatemala
pic supplied by Robert

An email I received in October 2005
"It's Amy Eng, I had you for 410 Marketing.  How are you? 
How is teaching a new batch of wide-eyed, ready-to-learn, students??!! 

I just wanted to email firstly, because you were one of the few profs to tell it like it is and who actually knew his stuff.   I remembered you always asked "did you learn something valuable?" after each class and that was a great thing, b/c I took a lot from just one course with you.  After I graduated I decided to take a trip around Asia. Both my sisters are working in different parts of China (Shanghai and Guangzhou), so I decided to go there and see them.  I've already been to Thailand 2x in the past 2months, Hong Kong, and other parts of China. Right now I'm trying to find work here in Shanghai.  Anyway, being away from school I realized I'm begining to forget a lot of the stuff I learned so once in a while I find your  website "witiger" really, truly, helpful.  Ok, so enough of inflating your head..hehehe.

Hope everything with you is great sir!!!!  I look forward to hearing from you!
regards,     Amy E.".

pic supplied by Amy
She says, it was taken when I was sailing off the coast of Thailand

An email I received in January 2006 from a former T.A. and MGTC44 student

Hi Professor Richardson,

Now that I've been working for a few years now, and have had the benefit of visiting Europe and Asia in my travels, I just want to send you a note to let you know how insightful your class was in helping me to see opportunities in our new, global economy. 

Visiting Shanghai as a tourist, compared to taking in the city with an eye for business and the dynamics that go on in the background between multi-nationals and governments, and to see how that impacts the economic lives of people on both sides of the Pacific is starkly different.  Your International business class helped me to strip away the neon lights of Nanjing Road, and see it for what it really is, the combination of commerce and culture that is shifting the playing field and rules of business by which we are governed.  This new economic reality hit me with great impact, but having learned the pieces and hearing your anecdotes in class, helped me to better decode and refocus the picture. 

More and more it is becoming evident to me that, not just companies, but business people like you and me have to realize that to you have to go global, or risk not going at all. 

pic supplied by Paul
My eyes have only fully opened to this reality now, while you had this revelation years ago...but your classes allow people like me to be better prepared for it, to take advantage of it, and to find the resources and assistance, when I finally take that international step.

So, just wanted to send you a note to let you know how impactful and educational your class was for me.  It was one course, but it was one that equips its students with the building blocks for career building in the new, international economy.  For your knowledge and sharing, as well for your mentorship and friendship, I thank you.
Paul S.
Paul was a student in MGTC44, and then the T.A. for two semesters afterwards. He presently (Jan 2006) serves as Segment Manager, Most Valuable Customer Segment, Consumer and Small Business Cards Management, CIBC, Card Products 

An email I received in July 2005
"Hi Professor Richardson,

I'm not sure if you will remember me.  I took your International Business 
class at U of T from Jan -Apr 2003.  I remember you saying in class one day that you like it when students keep in touch with you and I remembered your class a couple of weeks ago as I was telling a colleague that it was probably one of the best classes I took at UTSC.  Anyways, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that you really do teach a wonderful class and I hope everything is well with you. 

I just finished my first year of law school at U of T.  I am directing my studies towards an international perspective but haven't quite narrowed it down yet.  Your class definitely opened my eyes and sparked my interest in international studies.  Thanks for a wonderful semester!
Warm Regards,  "
Darshana P.
J.D. Candidate (2007) 
University of Toronto, Faculty of Law

pic supplied by Darshana

An email I received in Sept 2006

Prof Richardson,
How are you?!
Well, I'm in Paris now. I landed on Sept. 11 and will be here for 2
semesters- eventually gaining all the required credits I need to
graduate from the University of Toronto. Its beautiful here- its been
29 degrees and sunny for most of the last week. People here are
friendly (if you speak french) and the food is amazing. These people
really know how to live. Life here is enjoyable thus far. I have an
intensive french class every evening until September 29th and I start
class on October 2nd. My school - La Sorbonne (University of Paris 1)
is probably the most beautiful school I've ever seen in my life.It's in
the heart of the Latin quarter.  The architecture is amazing here.
there a so many statues in the school of famous graduates - including
Victor Hugo, Louis Pasteur, and Joseph Louis-Lagrange( Lagrangian
multiplier from economics!) to name a few. Lecture rooms here are made with wood from what seems to be centuries ago. there are even huge paintings on the walls of these class rooms. As if that wasn't
distracting enough- the women here are gorgeous- each and every one of them! Currently I live in an international village full of students from all over the world. I live in the Canadian house which has about 150 rooms. There are many Canadians here.  Buddy next door is a corporate lawyer who works on Bay Street. 

pic supplied by Vik
click on the above to see a really kewl night time pic of Vik standing in front of the Eiffel Tower
We went to a Canadian bar last night to catch the hockey game. He's here for the next year- studying his masters in Law at la Sorbonne as well. there are about 47 houses in the international village. From the Indian house to the Brazilian house- and everything in between! Will e-mail you as I have new adventures to report.

Best Regards, Vikram Deshmukh (Paris)

2009 update 

Vik back in Canada and meeting up at the 2009 MESA Gala

An email I received in April 2006
"Hi Prof. Richardson,

I got it! Mr. Farrar, the Chair of the Selection Committee just called me and congratulated me for being the first Dellandrea Award Recipient! I am beyond excited. This would not have been possible without your kind support. Again, thank-you so much. I do not have words to express my gratitude."

The University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA) launched the
Jon S. Dellandrea Award for International Students in 2005. 

Eliza J. MGT C44 student was the first winner of this prestigious $25,000 prize. Eliza was an enthusiastic student in C44 (Sept-Dec 2005), and originally comes from the Latin American country of Panama. During her time at USTC she "represented" well Latin American interests and her enthusiasm and hard work as a student was appreciated.

pic supplied by Eliza

An email I received in February 2007

"Just wanted to say hi after some time. I took your MRK410 class (e-commerce) with Michael Williams. I wanted to drop a line and say that your class was one of the best classes I had in all my time in Seneca.

I'm working for this new growing Canadian company called Storage Spot Canada. I'm part of their Marketing department. I could mention their website optimization and co-linking with other businesses, Google Ads Projects, Create Timelines and Public Relations, basically a lil bit of everything...what I do is market research and based on the research, I propose Projects and Recommendation Plans for the company, which are then presented to the Board of Directors and the Owners of the company.
I was working on our website optimization, hopefully the updates will be done soon, since I propose the ideas and then they are sent to our creative team.
Hope you are doing great, Take care professor. 

Carlos U.
Storage Spot Canada

pic supplied by Carlos Sara (no "H")  was in MRK 410 Jan-April 2005. Within weeks after finishing, she got a job with Amanah Tech Inc.and was very soon involved in with making web pages, attending trade shows, and working on marketing plans.

"Amanah Tech Inc. provides Web Hosting solutions to clients in North America as well as the Arabian Gulf, specializing in shared/dedicated hosting, collocation and video streaming."

Sara emailed to say she is having fun applying what she learned in class. 
Email Update Dec 2005

pic supplied by Sara

. This real website was created by Brad K. in 2004, former student of MRK 410

Just a short time after he finished the course Brad emailed Prof. Richardson to say "I'm currently on my co-op work term right now. I am working for a small plastics import/export company... One of the tasks I just completed for the company was a promotional web 
page featuring their newest product."

- great job Brad
- looks very nice and serves as a good example of what you can learn, and end up doing "After I graduated from UofT in 2003, I got a job at IBM, and with out a doubt we do business with countries all over the world. I took Prof. Richardson's International Business C44 course in 2003, and found the concepts really interesting and 100% applicable to the real world. I also got the First A++!!!! 

Seriously, I think no matter where you work, whether its for a big corporation or your own business, you can not avoid the impacts of globalization and international business.  Understanding the effects of this growing global world, will help in making key strategic decisions for the future of your business. I would recommend this course any day, and learning from Prof. Richardson is an added benefit, he makes it enjoyable."

Sharon C.
BCS Communications & Industrial
Sector Financial Analyst
IBM Global Services

from November 2004
"Hi Professor Richardson.

My name is Jamie G. and I was in your MGTC44 class from January 2004-April 2004.  I just wanted to write you a little 'thank-you' note.  I am currently a fourth year business student and I am ashamed to admit, before attending your class, I rarely picked up a newspaper to read the business section.  A lot of my professors used to insist that we read the newspaper daily, however, we were never tested on our knowledge.  Therefore, I didn't see the use in picking up a newspaper. 

After completing your course, I became accustomed to reading the Business section in the Toronto Star.  This year, in my International Economics class (ECMC62), I found myself relating the concepts that I learned to events that I read about in the newspaper.  Even before a job interview that I had today, I read the newspaper before going in.(By the way, in the interview, I brought up your class when I told them that I learned that foreign investment might be a good thing for the company!!!)

So I just want to say thanks for stressing the importance of reading up about current events.  I think UTSC is a great school, but since first year, my head has been buried in textbooks and I had no clue about what was going on around me. After your class, I find I can now apply concepts learned in class to things that are going on around me.  I know most students usually write to ask questions or complain about a mark, but I think its important to let some (not all) professors know that they have had an impact on one's education.

Thanks again, Jamie G.
contacted Jamie in October 2005, he added

I'm working full-time at Petro-Canada now (you may not remember, but I wrote my final exam essay on PC!). Anyways, good luck with the new classes!  And once again, thank you for all the "REAL" world knowledge!  It comes in handy!!

from July 2005
Professor Richardson,

I was a former student of yours (UofT BBA Class of 2003), and I just wanted to let you know how much I learned from your course, and how much it has helped me in my career thus far.  In your MGTD06 course, we talked a lot about working for Japanese companies, and little did I know all your insight would truly pay off.  I'm now working as a Product Manager for Consumer Products at Sharp Eelctronics Of Canada Ltd.  I must admit that your course not only helped me secure this job, but actually helped me excel at it. 

When devising real life marketing strategies for our Sharp products here in Canada, I constantly refer to your site as a reference and guideline on how to develop my marketing strategies.  Thank you once again for all that you have taught me, and keep up the good work.

Regards, Kevin

Kevin A.
Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd.
Product Manager & Analyst, Consumer Products Division

A 2004 email
"Dear Professor Richardson:
I was one of your student in your mgtc44 class at the University of Toronto at Scarborough.I'd like to express my appreciation for the knowledge that you had delivered to your students and I personally find it very helpful in terms of doing business internationally.As I was browsing the ebay website last night, I saw a window of opportunities (market demand) ;waiting there for me to take advantage. Then I suddenly get excited ...Thank you very much for your precious advice.  I will strive to bring my plan into reality and inform you of any success."

  Shuai Jason S.
This website, and the mail protection software was launched January 2004 by Jordan K. Jordan was a student in the MGTC50 course and the Intl Business course MGTC44 at University of Toronto, Scarborough College, UTSC

The product is pretty cool - Jordan has developed this way of having emails on a page protected from the "harvesting" software that can lead to spam. When you subscribe to this service you get a little application to use that protects you emails. I hope he makes a million.

All images and photos used on this page are with the written approval of the person in the picture.
Copies of approval and permission letters/emails kept in the permissions binder.
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