Prof. W. Tim G. Richardson, 

Richardson is a full-time Professor  at Seneca College
andconcurrently teaches at the University of Toronto, 
(Scarborough Campus, and, Mississauga Campus)

updated 2012 Dec 18

Tips for c
Presentation Tips Page
April 2012

a whole series of clips describing how to make great presentations Do I have to buy the textbook ?

clip showing various professors comments on the reasons why having th text will help students in the course, especially for 1st and 2nd semester subjects

added Sept 12th 2011 
4 min 10 secs


s Class Participation marks

clip on YouTube discussing details of how to earn class participation marks

9 MB

sd Class Participation marks - do not leave it til the end

Prof. Richardson talking in March 2011 about his concern that half the term is over and too many students are leaving class participation marks to the end - he provides some suggestions for catching up.

vv Class Participation marks
- stop begging
clip on YouTube responding to some 4th  yr students who made a joking video
begging for consideration in the calculation of their class participation mark at the end of the semester - even though they did not contribute much compared to the rest of the class
I also talk about my "philosophy" about marks and what is really important for you to learn as a student.
sd Class Participation marks
(added 2010 March 23)
- how they are calculated in a course where CP is 15 or 20 percent

pay attention because many students email to say "I see 14 on your mark sheet and the allocation is 15 percent, does that mean i get almost perfect"
- answer is no, watch the video

sd Using the "Drop Box"
or "how to properly hand in a late assignment"

clip on YouTube discussing in a friendly way, how to go about properly dropping off late assignments in the Drop Box

Correction - they are date stamped but not time stamped

Follow instructions in the video - DO NOT try to leave it at the profs actual desk, this is NOT ALLOWED

s Late Assignments get ZERO

various Seneca profs explaining that late assignments get ZERO in their course

2 min 53 sec 


s Missed a test, exam 
due to sickness

watch this video 

2 min 12 sec



s Email Protocol
or "how to send emails without pissing off your prof"

clip on YouTube discussing details of how to avoid common mistakes in emails to your professor - includes candid interviews with several profs - failure to understand this can negatively hurt your marks

3 min 10 sec

s Email Protocol- Part 2
example of an email that did piss off the prof

never send emails like this, - it is very VERY rude

1 min 28 sec

WARNING ! - includes "ADULT" language

s read the Newspaper - Part 1

clip on YouTube discussing 
Reading The Newspaper on a regular basis for success in class

  • being able to answer questions with "examples"
  • knowing what companies and business sectors are hot
  • knowing future trends 

22 MB       3 min 36 sec

sd read the Newspaper - Part 2

clip on YouTube discussing 
Reading The Newspaper on a regular basis

How I made money in the stock market reading the newspaper

5 min 53 sec 

sdc read the Newspaper - Part 3

Industry Sector Knowledge

clip on YouTube discussing 
Reading The Newspaper on a regular basis to obtain Industry Sector Knowledge - very VERY important for your personal success in job interviews and career path

37 MB

c read the Newspaper - Part 4

Importance of news magazines

clip on YouTube discussing 
how everybody in business should read a good news magazine - magazines are more detailed than newspapers and cover a story more completely.

I read Maclean's every week and also Canadian Business 

less than 3 min long

ddd read the Newspaper - Part 5

events overseas effect many types of business

clip on YouTube discussing 
how reading the newspaper earned this class in MRK460 at Seneca, chocolate doughnuts on Valentine Day 2011

Watch the video to see why
 Exam Study Tip # 1

clip on YouTube discussing how to use TIME effectively in the exam

avoid R.O.O.T
Running Out Of Time


q Secret Exam Study Tip # 2

clip on YouTube discussing a "secret" to helping with mid-terms and final exams in the final minutes leading up to the exam

47 MB

qw Exam Writing Tip # 3

Writing Carefully and Clearly

clip on YouTube discussing specific tips on laying out handwritten answers for mid-terms and final exams

47 MB 


need Exam Writing Tip # 4

"Extending" your answer

How to stretch out and e-x-t-e-n-d your answer to go from a "B" to an "A" answer with some specific examples 



n to up load ExamTipsWritingCarefully-Version2008Sept25.wmv c
Quizzes and small Tests

Part 1

etiquette and manners

clip on YouTube c
Quizzes and small Tests

Part 2

"being late", why it is not good and causes problems for you

clip on YouTube 
Projects Part 1

Physical appearance and layout of projects and reports

clip on YouTube discussing the best way to layout projects and reports

24 MB


c c
Projects Part 2

Using Mature Language 
in writing reports and projects

clip on YouTube discussing the best way to express yourself with "mature" language suitable to college/university students

vv c
Projects Part 3  Group Work

clip on YouTube discussing very important considerations to forming groups, and working in groups 

uploaded 2011 Sept 26t


vv Projects Part 4    Group Work

Discussion of very important things about the day you hand in the project and the need for communication with all group members in case someone does not get their section finished

Watching this video is MANDATORY for all courses in which there is a report to be handed in

uploaded 2012 June 13th

vv Projects Part 5 Group Work
YES - spelling and grammar counts - watch the video to see why

And a recommendation that people who know English well check the grammar and spelling of other group members who are not at the level of native speakers

uploaded 2012 Dec 18

vv Interview Tips Part 1

Some helpful tips on a good way to end the interview when they say "is there anything you want to ask us"

uploaded 2012 June 13th

If you want to know how to download Torrents (for allowing you to download music, freeware, apps, TV shows, some OS) student Reza A. in MRK619 at Seneca in Fen 2010 made a video on YouTube showing this

Reza's YouTube channel is 

Reza's video is

, Streaming your media (movies, music, pics etc.) from your PC to your Playstation or XBox.

Using TVersity Media Server

student Reza A. in MRK619 at Seneca in Fen 2010 made a video on YouTube showing how to do this

Reza's video is 

he has 213,000 views by Jan 2010 !!!!