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with Rafay Mirza of ICCIT, UTM
. Received "2016 Professor of the Year" Award from the ICCIT Council at University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus at the April 2016 CCIT Gala
with Arika M.
Received "2017 Professor of the Year" Award from the ICCIT Council at University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus at the April 2017 CCIT Gala


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Tim Richardson was born in the late 1950's in south-eastern Ontario. Raised on a farm north of Harrowsmith - a small rural community north of Kingston,  he excelled at many sports in high school and continued with athletics and outdoor recreation while completing a couple of degrees at Queen's University in the late 1970's - early 1980's. 

At Queen's Tim was a member of the gymnastics team and also studied karate, earning his blackbelt by the time he finished his second degree. Tim also participated in the Model Parliament and was elected by his classmates as the leader of one of the political parties. 

Tim was the 4th generation in his family to graduate from Queen's. 

Pic to the left is Tim with his father Prof. W.George Richardson, CD., OBM., who taught at Queen's for 35 years after having served as an officer in the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.

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. In the mid-1980's Tim worked in Tokyo and Ottawa. After having spent some years in Japan, Tim returned to Canada and received an appointment as the Executive Director of the Canada-Japan Trade Council then spent some time with the Japan Division of the Dept. of Foreign Affairs. In the early 1990's moved to Toronto to work on Bay Street with a large trade association. A combination of opportunities in Ottawa, and on Bay Street, afforded the experience to work and travel for extended periods of time in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as some short trips to Western Europe.
International Business travel and work - list of countries
While working with exporting companies and international divisions of government departments,  Tim was a regular guest lecturer, magazine article writer and conference speaker on topics in international marketing and international business development. These speaking and writing situations were based on substantial work experience in international business and market development. In the mid-1990's Tim gravitated from being a part-time lecturer to teaching at colleges and university in Toronto. Tim's articles on business and marketing topics in several national and international magazines and newspapers can be seen here ..
Richardson is married with several children and grandchildren. His wife Sylvia is a former fashion designer who specialized in lingerie 2009 . 2014
Richardson is the author of several textbooks E-Commerce and

published by Thomson Nelson
Dec 2004

. Current

published by Thomson Nelson
June 2005 Marketing
in the
Information Age

published by Thomson Nelson
July 2005

v Current
in the
2nd Ed.

Jan 2007 International

published by Thomson Nelson

In addition to teaching, Tim also works on special projects for a security consulting firm. Globe Risk Holdings Inc. and the Globe Risk Institute provide specialized security services and training for high threat and risk situations world-wide.

Military Service
- includes a short period of time with the Queen's Own Rifles at the time of the Gulf War I (1991-1992),
        a reserve regiment specializing in training airborne paratrooper commandos for the Canadian Armed Forces.
- Richardson is also an "ex-cadet" with the Fort Henry Guard (Kingston)
- Richardson also served with HMCS Cataraqui in 1977

Volunteer activities:

Hobbies and interests:
Paleontology is traditionally divided into various subdisciplines: Tim Richardson's greatest interest is Vertebrate Paleontology
- specifically Pleistocene Megafauna and Paleoanthropology
Tim has studied Japanese martial arts for many years and has black belt rank in several disciplines, including sword - Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido; and karate - Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo. During his years of  active training (1977-1998) he lived and studied karate in Japan 1983-1985. Sensei Richardson is ranked as a "Level C" International Referee in full-contact (koshiki) karate and has the Japanese teaching rank of "Renshi - Associate Professor".

Other interests include wildlife photography, winter hiking and camping, trout fishing, soccer, jeeps and motorcycles, omega watches and watching mystery movies with family. 
Tim is also interested in power-lifting and strength training and is pictured to the right as he is about to carry (successfully) 500 lbs for 50 metres  500 lbs of sand, each bag weighs 100 lbs and the metal frames weighs 100 Here, Tim is pulling a wagon carrying 10 people - not the easiest way to get around town...
..part of the Strongest Man competition during the Yukon winter games (Rendevous Festival), 1994.

Tim 1984
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