BCS 555 
As Taught by Prof. Tim Richardson School of Marketing and e-Business, Faculty of Business
The Course Textbook
The book for BCS 555 was written in June 2005 
by Prof. W. Tim G. Richardson.

Prof. Richardson has been teaching BCS 555 for the past 4 years.

The image on the front cover is from photos taken by Richardson.

The top photo was taken from the top of the student residences and is an overhead shot of the Newnham campus. 

If you want to see a larger unedited version of this pic click here

The bottom photo is taken while standing beside "Alex the hotdog guy" by the main south entrance. The inset photo on the left side is of the cherry trees in blossom by the cafeteria off E wing.

"Current Issues in e-Business" is published by Thomson Nelson, the largest publishing company in Canada.

ISBN 0176424466