.MGTC44 course textbook
available (Aug 2005) 
in the UTSC campus bookstore
bb The C44 textbook was written by Tim Richardson in the summer of 2005 after having taught the course 10 times and having built a huge website that included all the lecture notes.

The book contains virtually everything from the online lecture notes and allows students to have these notes in a book form which some said would be easier to study from. It also saves students printing out all the course web pages (there are more than 400 in C44).

The image on the from cover was taken by multi-media designer Aleksandar Janicijevic.

The cover art for this book was conceived of by the author, and is a collage of currencies from many of the countries that I've visited on international business in the 1980ís and 1990ís. 

Somebody suggested sticking in some Canadian Tire money just to catch the most observant readers, but I considered it was too valuable to use up part of my stash ;-) Some of the bills are no longer in circulation, like the 100,000 denomination from Brasil. If you canít see the particular currency of the country you came from, Iím sorry, -  the pic got cropped for fitting and some of the bills were cut out.

To see the original large size image before it was cropped, click here
or super big size here http://www.witiger.com/universityoftoronto/MGTC44/bookcoverC44original2931x1935.jpg

The Omega Seamaster Chrono represents, IMHO, the peak of the technological environment, together with the Swiss army knife which represents how the geographic environment influences manufacturing and marketing. The passport represents the political, legal, regulatory environment which effects many aspects. All the money represents, obviously, the economic environment, and the fact the money comes from so many places represents the cultural environment. The Sheaffer Pen is an example of "branding" and the consequence of the competitive environment. All these environments represent conditions and circumstances which effect international business and to be successful in international business one must understand these environments and plan and develop within their limitations.