Tim Richardson, Toronto, Canada


   International Business Activity
In Belgium (April 2017) with Minister Kent Hehr, Minister for Veteran's Affairs, Canada Prof. Tim Richardson with 
the Hon. Peter Van Sloan
Canadian federal 
Minister of International Trade

2010 Oct at a conference in Toronto

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WTGR in Taipei, Taiwan, pointing out the Canadian Flag on the globe at Shen Pao-chen Hall

Lived and worked in Tokyo 1983-1985. Was employed by the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan and worked in the International Department. Also worked for INTERAC Japan Inc. as a language instructor 1983-1984. Subsequently travelled to Japan frequently on business in late 1980's and early 1990's as a business development consultant. This work included

In 1995, '96 and '97, researched and compiled, for the Dept. of Foreign Affairs, (and later Investment Canada of Industry Canada) an extensive cross-referenced computer database on all Japanese companies operating in Canada. This work was done on an annual basis for three years during the peak of Canada's interest in attracting Japanese corporate investment.
South Korea (ROK)
http://www.witiger.com/resume/DSC_2006-730x499.jpg November 2010 Prof. Richardson was resident at Daewon University delivering a special series of lectures about e-commerce and tourism.

Provided special information for Elders IXL Meat Division regarding the opening of their office in Tokyo. Work involved extensive research on the market for beef in Japan in the late 1980's. Attended international agricultural conferences on behalf of Elders.

China (PRC)
Arranged for Canadian clothing manufacturing company to be able to import a particular product direct from the Chinese manufacturing company - thereby cutting out the North American wholesaler and helping the Canadian manufacturer to reduce its production costs. On the government side - arranged details of an itenarary of Chinese municipal officials visiting Winnipeg.

Hong Kong
Travelled to Hong Kong several times in the 1980's for the purpose of establishing contact for Canadian exporters of processed food products.

Served as the inaugural Secretary/Treasurer and member of the Founding Board of Directors of the Hong Kong - Canada Business Association, Ottawa, 1987.
Lived and worked in the Philippines in 1988. Was contracted to a Canadian government department for a special project that involved extensive travel in the country and required reporting to the Canadian Embassy in Manila. Also spent brief time teaching at the PMA Philippines Military Academy. Subsequent contact with Manila in the 1990's involved liaison directly with the Canadian Ambassador to the Philippines re: security and risk situations involving Canadian mining projects.

Arranged for liaison between agricultural and financial and consumer co-operatives in Thailand through their national association and the Canadian national association of co-operatives.
Taiwan (R.O.C.) Republic of China
http://www.witiger.com/resume/DSC_2006-730x499.jpg April 2011, Richardson was the keynote speaker at an e-commerce security conference hosted by the Taiwan government. Held in Taipei, the conference, co-sponsored by BusinessNext magazine, featured speakers on techical and non-technical aspects of e-commerce security for vendors and customers. Prof. Richardson's keynote dealt with the proliferation of mobile access to the web through smartpphones and other devices and leading security problems associated with launching wireless payment protocols.


Latin America

Travelled to Mexico and arranged meetings between a security service provider and Japanese company executives.
Researched Japanese companies operating in Mexico and their requirements for a particular specialized professional service. Arranged meetings between service providing company and Japanese Embassy in Mexico City. Developed liaison with Canadian Ambassador to Mexico and Senior Canadian Trade Commissioner and arranged meetings with same.

Travelled to Argentina as a member of a Canadian government trade mission to South America. Developed contacts and liaison between Canadian co-operatives and Argentinian co-operatives for the purpose of trade in agricultural products. Identified business partners in Argentina for Canadian dairy producers. Arranged for business information exchanges between Argentinian exporters and Canadian importers leading to some exchanges in the area of processed food products.

Travelled to Brazil to identify business partners for Canadian processed food exporters and producers. Arranged for business information exchanges between Brazilian co-ops and Canadian co-ops.

Travelled to Peru as a member of a Canadian government trade mission to South America. Successfully found customers in Peru for Canadian exporter of agricultural products. In the mining sector, researched and provided trade intelligence on security and risk situations in Peru for Canadian consulting company serving Canadian mining companies operating in Peru.

Arranged for a Canadian consulting company to provide specialized service to a company operating in Ecuador. Work involved sending a consulting team to Ecuador. Developed liaison with Canadian Embassy in Quito.

With members of the SWAT Team of the JCF (Jamaican Constabulary Force) in May Pen June 2018.
At the Newcastle Base of the JDF Jamaican Defence Force.. June 2018.

Travelled to Ypres and other Belgium locations as part of a member of The Queen's Own Rifles Association (former serving members of the QOR, (an Airborne Infantry Regiment)). Participated in memorial parades and other events.
Travelled to Copenhagen to meet with Danish co-operatives involved in processed pork exports. Initiated interest in co-operating with Canadian producers to jointly serve Asian customers.

Travelled to London to meet with U.K. co-operatives who would be interested in establishing business with Canadian co-operatives. On subsequent trips to the U.K., dealt with the branch office of a Canadian exporter of grains and oilseeds.

2017 With French Police (CRS - Quick Response Mobile Force)

1988. Travelled to Paris to meet with French co-operatives who were interested in joint-ventures for selling complimentary agricultural products to international customers.

Travelled to Ireland to establish possibility of export market for Canadian producers of specialized feedgrains and hay, and Irish importers who had racehorse owners as customers. Established a long-term relationship with senior executives in the Irish agri-coop community leading to investment trips to North America.

Travelled to Stockholm to establish possibility of joint venture business with Swedish co-operatives and Canadian co-operatives to satisfy demand of mutual customers. Was a member of Canadian delegation at the 1988 ICA Congress in Sweden. Discussed co-operating in international development aid work with co-operatives in Third World countries.