FDI The  case study of why, and how Bridgestone invested in Firestone serves as a  good example of FDI since it covers the main categories of FDI.

You are obliged to discuss the FDI activities of a real Canadian company such that you can note various situations that cover (as much as possible) the range of what FDI is, why it happens and why it would be good for the company.


You must do a Canadian company.
Canadian originated companies like the Four Seasons (which recently received large amount of foreign investment) could still be considered Canadian companies for the sake of this question.
If you have trouble finding a company, check here www.witiger.com/internationalbusiness/countryinfo.htm
You are not allowed to use the examples we discussed in class.
You will be marked 60% on your ability to draw out description and explanation of the various categories of FDI, and 40% on your ability to use a real company's FDI and what they did.
In substantiating your scenario you are welcome to make reference to any newspaper, magazine or online or offline sources you may have accessed.
You should cite these sources on an attached page.
You do not have to remember exact URL's, and exact periodical publication info but you should be able to prove (if later asked), that it is a real company and that the circumstances really existed. (so you can't make this up)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7e9WSnC0Tk WTGR made a short video with some tips about using "mature language" when you are composing the sentances in your written assignment.

It is well worth viewing.

This question is worth 10% of your term mark. It will be graded with a letter grade
 A,B or C, or, possibly D ;-(
INSTRUCTIONS Please type this FDI question on 8 1/2"  x 11” paper, no smaller than Arial Font 10 with .75” margins top, bottom and sides. You may type single space.
You are strictly limited to two pages so don’t waste a lot of space with a long intro – just get to the point. There is no need for a cover page. Just have your name in the upper right corner of page 1.
(first name first, last name last)

Keep in mind, just because you may find out some information about the company doesn't necessarily mean you have to write it all down, - think analytically and use the best points so you don't run over 2 pages. 

I will only mark 2 pages maximum.


Hand in this question as you arrive for the exam at the beginning.
Which means it must be stapled AT THE TIME
I will mark some of them during the time you write the exam so you are welcome to ask me when you walk out what your mark is for this part, if I was able to get to your's.
DO NOT do ones we covered in class
(unless your research uncovers a totally new FDI situation)
DO NOT do the ones we have done in class 
- that would be silly because the professor has already told you about them
- there is no learning involved in doing one the professor has already covered
- eg - Saputo, ALCAN, Quebecor, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, Magna, Lavalin, Ivanhoe Energy, DDM Plastics of Tilsonburg, Nova Chemicals Corp, iFire Technology, Sipro Lab Telecom
- check your online course outline to make sure the company you are doing is not already discussed on witiger.com 
- learn something new please
Some of the companies that have already been done many times by previous students (and would be wise to avoid doing again)
Unless you have some new info or a new angle
check witiger.com/universityoftoronto/MGTC44/AllcompaniesdoneFDIquestion.pdf

- all the banks, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank
- CANFOR (there are other forest products companies available)
- Barrick, Placer Dome, Dofasco, INCO, Noranda, CANPOTEX,  Talisman, Wheaton River, Falconbridge
(there are many other mining companies not yet touched - check the CMA Cdn Mining Assoc)
- Maple Leaf Foods (this has been done by more than 10 people - "enough already" !!
- McCain Foods, Cavenish Farms, Maple Lodge Farms, 
- Molsons, Andres Wines
- Celestica, Zenon, Lotech Wireless, Nortel, Alcatel, ATI Tech, R.I.M.,
- Tim Hortons, Yogen Fruz
- Bombardier, Magna,
- Manulife
- Maple Leafs - was a poor choice - they don't export much and they don't have an FDI, unless you count the St. John's Maple Leafs farm team which was in Newfoundland
- do not do the big car mfg. companies, they are either American or Japanese and are excluded


What to do

In most cases, you would be advised to pick a medium or large sized company - simply because that is easier to find information about.

If it is a medium or large sized company it is highly likely they have a detailed web site and a published annual report. You can check the company's web site for press releases that may discuss any FDI or export situation. You can also use CanadExport to look for a good company that is mentioned there. You can also check the membership lists of trade associations like the Canadian Export Association, the Canadian Mining Association, the APMA Automotive Parts Manufactuers Association, the Canadian Co-operation Association, the Canadian banking Association, IT associations like ITAC, etc. etc.

It is to your advantage to take time selecting a good company, and also pick a company that no other student might pick - be original, don't do Molson's or Nortel; I get that year after year.

Make sure it is a Canadian company - don't do Ford Canada or General Motors Canada

Please do not ask the professor detailed additional questions about WHERE to get information - that is part of your challenge !! You may ask if a particular company is Canadian (if you really can't ascertain this) but you cannot ask for an opinion "if this is a good company" - in order to be fair to everybody, you have to make your choice independently. 

If you have selected 2 or 3 companies and you need help deciding, the professor may give you some advice, but you need to make the final decision.

And,,, remember the class  about Sources of Information

- if you have no clue, look at lists like this

cite sources, resources and websites It is recommended that you attach a 3rd page with a proper list of your sources of information.

You do not need to put footnotes at the bottom of each page, you can simply put numbers within the page, and refer those numbers to the corresponding number on your sources/references page.

CAUTION I compare similar companies -
- if you do the same company as another student, I will presume it is an accident
- nevertheless I will read both side-by-side to make sure there is no copying, or any other form of cheating.

Do not think of handing in the same answer as what somebody did in 2007 or 2006, I use a special software program to screen this out - if you are caught doing this, it will be considered cheating
( you could do the same company, but not the same words about the company)

DO NOT cut and paste in sentences off the company website without using "quote" marks.
If you do, this will be considered plagiarism

It is OK to put in a few short quotes, but you must identify the speaker and context.

check witiger.com/universityoftoronto/MGTC44/AllcompaniesdoneFDIquestion.pdf