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the principle tag editor we use for BCS 500

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Detailed Course Outline
© by W. Tim G. Richardson

Chapter Subject
go here to a short version of the text in chpt 1
Chapter 1
 HTML and the Web
 - Paul Baran, "packet-switching"
 - ARPANET and military and academic origins

 Tim Berners-Lee, the WWW and 1991 Reading this history section is optional - it serves the purpose of explaining how we got to this stage

 - page 10~11 in text
 - page 14~21 in Rick Darnell's book
 The internet's #1 authoritative source on HTML and the Web, W3C
 The World Wide Web Consortium
direct link to the W3C main page 
 W3C is hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
W3C was created in October 1994 by the Laboratory for Computer Science at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-LCS). In April 1995, the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA-France) became the European host. In August 1996, Shonan Fujisawa Campus of Keio University became the third host  covering Japan and Korea. 

Web Browsers
 - Mosaic and then Netscape
 - page 12~15 in text
Chpt 2

go here to a short version of the text in chpt 1
Chapter 2


Chpt 2


Chpt 2


HTML 4.0
 - the W3C's main page on HTML 4.0 specifications

a good summary of how we got to HTML 4.0

 Tags and tag attributes(page 20 ~ 21 in text)
- container tags 
- empty tags 
Structural rules  (page 23 in text)
- nesting container tags

Web Document Structure Tags
- beginning page 30 in the text
- p. 25 and p. 32 in Darnell's book
<HTML> tag
  <HEAD> tag
    <META> tag meta tag words tell search engines what the page is about
      <TITLE> tag
in the title tag is where the words go that show up when you bookmark the page
      </TITLE> tag
  </HEAD> tag
<BODY> tag
this is where your content on the page goes
</BODY> tag
</HTML> tag

page on Document Tags from Case Western Reserve University

  Basic Page Layout Issues
 p. 48~49 in Darnell's book
 Before beginning to create your page, you must first deal with
 1. What message do you want to give
 2. To whom do you want to receive the message
  for further discusssion on this important point, go here
Chp 2


direct link to Tucows Advanced HTML Editors page


 HTML Editors
Rick Darnell says that "one of the main drawbacks to working with HTML is that many Web page editors don't display a page the way it will look on a browser ...this situation is changing with the advent of WYSIWYG editors that display a page using the standard accepted by most browsers."

 There are 2 basic types of HTML Editors:
 Tag Editors - provide the author with direct control of the tags. Requires reasonably good understanding of HTML.
 Representational Editors - use menus and wizards to allow you to roughly see how it will look, as you go. Requires minimum knowledge of raw HTML.

Go to Tucows (click on icon to the left) to browse through several of the Advanced HTML editors. You will find HoTMetaL, HotDog and WPC on the list as well as others.

A short list Review of some of the more popular HTML Editors, including links to their downloads

direct link to HoTMetaL Pro corporate homepageHoTMetaL Pro, at is the product of a SoftQuad Software Inc., (which was recently bought by Corel) a Canadian company based in Toronto. Various sources say HoTMetaL has the largest number of users.

Homesite, which is now selling version 4.0, is also well know with experienced webmasters, and is easy enough to use for novices. Homesite 4.0 is also one of the web editors used by the folks at Seneca in the CNT

Allaire, the company behind Homesite 4.0, is also the company from which ColdFusion comes. 


participants in BCS 500 in Sept - Dec 2001 will be able to use HoTMetal Pro 6.0; 

HoTMeTaL will be installed on all the computers in the labs

here is the main homepage for the company

Steve Brikman
Inside Sales
tel: 416- 544-9000 -ext 3014
Brickman is the person responsible for HoTMetaL 6.0


Chp 2


HTML Editors, continued
HotDog Professional 5.5 is another well known HTML editor. The company, Sausage Software Inc. is based in Australia.
direct link to WPC home page WPC, Web Page Creator is also a good editor (though not so famous). It has been used successfully by the professor of this course. WPC is driven by user feedback and is relatively easy to learn. Warning - it has a short trial period.

Netscape has various ways of assisting you to create HTML files. One of them is a Wizard available at
Also, we will take some time to go through the fundamentals of
Netscape Composer

 some Netscape Composer tutorials and links
- Iris Stovall's great web site at, University of Illinois tutorials
A very helpful site
Chp 3

Tags - logical and physical formatting tags (see table page 91 in text)

We will go through as many of the tags as possible, in this class, and the next and will make sure you know the following, if you don't already.
<FONT> and the attributes
<BR><P><CENTER><HR> and other break and paragraph and positioning tags
<MARQUEE> and the attributes

We will also do Assignment #1 (described below) in this class

. Explanation of Assignment #1     5%
Document Structure Tags Assignment
- you are required to create a simple page in notepad, such as mainpage.htm or firstpage.htm
- on this page you should demonstrate, as fully as possible, all the document structure tags we have discussed in class
- you do not need to put any other more complicated tags on the page that we have not yet dealt with yet
- when you finish this page you will upload it to your learn account and tell the professor what the URL is
This exercise will be done, and marked by class, Fri, Sept 14th

It is STRONGLY recommended that you read and understand as much of Chapter 3 as you can. Buy the book
(in the past, copies were available at the Chapters store at Kennedy and Progress - they are reserved for Seneca Students so go to the Special Orders Desk)
Waubonsee Community College page on Lists

go here to text chpt 3
Chapter 3

Chp 3 

List Tags, Ordered and Unordered Lists - page 74 in the text
<OL><LI> and attributes and nesting <DIR>

very good web page on  Tags for Lists from Waubonsee Community College, which includes explanation of the code, and it shows the results in a column beside
Ordered Lists, Unordered Lists, Definition Lists
Web page on tags for lists, 
which includes the attributes you use for different bullets and styles
check also
a master web site with many other HTML topics
A collection of colleges in Arizona - see
Writing HTML was developed by Alan Levine, instructional technologist at the Maricopa Community Colleges.



Chp 3 

Character Formatting Elements - beginning page 88 in the text
<B><I><U><SUB><STRIKE> bolding and italics etc.
Comment tags
<!-...... stuff ....->

TAHC2's Appendix A
which is a 50 page list of all
the HTML 4.0 tags

Lists like this are important because they contain the information on the various attributes (you can memorize the basic ones, but the full range is too long)
Chp 3 
Chpt 4
Chpt 5
Character Formatting Elements -continued
+ Hypertext Anchors
Chapter 4 is only 8 pages in the text !

To format character elements you can do a lot of this within HoTMeTaL For example - you can click on "insert", and from the drop down menu you can click on symbols - and each symbol pops up - which allows you to then see the HTML code to use that symbol on your page After you click on symbols, a row of the different symbols will show up on the bottom of the screen

Chpt 5
The W3C page on Character Sets
link to Tucows
go to Tucows to 
get WS-FTP
if you don't have it
Explanation of Uploading Exercise Assignment #2   5%
- you are required to create a simple page* in notepad, using 
- all the document structure tags we have discussed in class
- + some List Tags, Ordered and Unordered Lists
- + Tags - logical and physical formatting tags (see table page 91 in text)
- this page could be the first page on your new Seneca Web site for the BCS 500 course
- upload this page* by using FTP
- if you are having trouble FTPing because your USERID and PASSWORD won't work, you have to sort this out yourself - suggestions include changing your password in SIRIS, or contacting tech support
This exercise will be done, and marked by class, Wed, Sept 14th
This is a screen capture of where you go to get FTP in the computers in the labs in 4154



By the end of Section A, you should have

Tim Richardson is an official member in good standing  direct link to the HTML writers guild homepage
This site is best viewed in Netscape 4.05 or higher. If you don't have it, upgrade by clicking on the logo. This will take you direct to Netscape's download page for Netscape Communicator 4.76 - the most current version. clean link direct to Netscape download page