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Explanation of Group Project December  - worth            20% 

In groups of 3/4 people you will
1. pick a subject that can be taught exclusively through text and images on a web page
  (no matter what interesting or amusing subject you discuss - it must have a learning component)
2. create the web page and make sure the associated links are working.
3. marks will be given for

  • what you teach - is it something useful, interesting, helpful
  • how you explain it - words, pictures, links to other sites
  • incorporate all the HTML tools you have been taught
  • overall appearance of the pages
  • make sure you have somebody check for spelling mistakes and linking errors
  • have this page linked to all members in the group - if it is not linked to all members in the group - those members will not be marked
  • identify who in the group is responsible for what parts in the comments part of the code on the page
look at the pages of web sites that teach subjects on-line
understand how they lay out the site and how they use words and pictures to explain


Group / Team Collaboration Project - 20%

The purpose of the Group project:
Now that you have had a chance to learn how to make HTML pages for the past 3 1/2 months, the question is can you create a useful web page making some valuable contribution to the Web. This valuable contribution will be your attempt to teach/explain some aspect of using or participating in some feature of the internet. You will create a web page, from  scratch, which will "teach" the viewers of this page, something of interest they might like to know. You must keep in mind that your ability to expain is limited to the page and therefore all your explanations and descriptions must be "cyber". Teaching somebody something face2face is always more useful because you can answer questions or give specialized direction. You're challenge is to anticipate what additional questions might be asked of visitors to your web site and make sure they can be answered.

Make sure all members of the group are identified and make sure all members of the group have a link to the page from whichever person's site you host it on.



Some of the best examples of 2000 group projects are featured below
How to do some
Java Script
Nan Chen
Judy Nguyen
Daniel Wong
Charisse Gano
How to add video clips
Sandra Chang, Irene Chiu, Janice Lalor, Simba Lowe
How to book travel online Nicole Latendre, Daniela Rodrigues
Pauline Sankhar, Lily Tam
Listening to radio stations around the world, through theInternet Sebastian Dimartino
Razan El-Salfiti, Jowana Khachan
Playing advanced games on the Internet. Some games are single player, some are team games with roles that can last many weeks Warren Lai Fang
Marlon Richards
A bunch of guys with big appetites got together and made a cute page about baking called "Baking with JMC". The recipes really worked. That is why your HTML professor is very fat ! Jason Lapid
Corbin Wong
Mark Ho
Using companies like FedEx, UPS and Purolator on-line Roy Gutierrez
Cory Wickens
XML Pete Grech, Luca Sangermano
Corrado, Fab Gisone

The following are good examples of Group Projects that were created in December 1999

Group Members
Subject Taught
Nan Chen
Charisse Gano
Judy Nguyen
Daniel Wong
Introduction to Java Script
including 7 tutorials that they made up
was at
Ian Blenkinsop
Mike Robertson
Introduction to MP3 with links to sites about MP3 was at
The purpose of this exercise is for you to have a chance to see what some real business web pages look like, and see if you can improve upon them based on the HTML knowledge you have learned in the past 3 months.

Go to

1. create a web page titled senecacave.htm
2.copy all the information from the existing page the information to make it easier to see the list 
5.change the spacing and colours if you wish 
6.improve the pics (maybe make them thumbnailed) 
7.add some navigation 
8.improve the form on the next page 
9.add anything you want to make this page more attractive 
10.when you are finished, load the new page up to your web site 
11.make sure you have a link to logcabin.htm / senecacave.htm from your main splash page 
12.yes, this is worth marks !!!


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