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Presentations and

Web Based Training

BCS 312

Seneca College, Newnham Campus, Toronto, Canada
For the sections taught by
Prof. Tim Richardson   During the 
Sept - Dec 2001term

Detailed Outline                    October   2001

Presentation outline
(hand in on a piece of paper)
3% Sept 27
(hand in on diskette)
7% Oct 1
convert to HTML 8%
(upload to site)
8% to be finished by Oct 15
Media Streaming 15%
(upload to site)
15% Oct 19
FTP, upload, folders etc. 7% Oct 29

for classes 
Oct 15th
Oct 19th


Prof. O'Neill
has a good
description on his site how to do the streaming part

This will allow you to use software on the Seneca server, from your house 


This will allow you to use software on the Seneca server, from your house
"Before you can start to use Citrix you MUST install the 'Client' click on the graphic at right top of the screen, and download the application into 'My Documents' . When it is download, disconnect from the internet, and install the program. After the program is installed then reconnect to Seneca, go to the Citrix site, complete your user name, password, and when you are taken to the screen showing the applications, select whatever you wish to work on. 
'Citrix' will create a temporary drive called 'H', don't let this confuse you. When you have finished your work or as you are proceeding with your work save it on your hard drive C: and in a folder that you can find. As you are prototyping this for the college, please keep notes on your experience..." 
Prof. Michael O'Neill the best way to get to citrix is to use the learn.senecac link and it takes you right in - see the screen capture to the left

Prof. Kanitz did a powerpoint explaining this


Before the break week, you need to know this
For the final seven weeks of the course YOU will be responsible for conducting 'training'
 presentations to groups of trainees.
 Each group will consist of two (2) members

Each group is responsible for the following:


Oct 22 - 29 is break week for Seneca, 2001 fall term

Oct 29 Pavel Susan.
Oct 29 . .
Oct 29 . .


Most of the screen captures on this page come from the web site of Prof. Michael O'Neill, who teaches 3 of the 4 sections of BCS 312.