The Internet's Impact on Society is Good, or Bad !
A Class Debate for students taught by Prof Tim Richardson
The Internet is Good 
The Internet is Bad 
The Internet will strengthen the family by bringing many family activities back to the home. The Internet will weaken the family by having everybody in a separate room viewing separate things on the Net.
Despite its unhealthy impact on couch potatoes, television at least brought the family together around an electronic hearth. Tapscott "in my family, its not unusual for the four of us to be clicking away on our keyboards in separate rooms"
The Internet will enhance movies with complimentary web sites that further develop characters and fan interest. eg

 and there are also fan sites

The Internet will destroy popularity of movies and replace them with alternate forms of entertainment.
Pornography will get the perverts off the streets and allow them a harmless avenue to carry out fantasies without hurting anyone. Pornography, easily available on the Internet, will further exploit women and children. More people will be needed in the sex industry to produce the material to satisfy a growing demand.
Access to email and chat rooms allows lonely people and handicapped persons the chance to communicate and socialize more than previously possible. Perverts and child molesters prowl the internet looking for victims to communicate with. This is a danger for unsuspecting people. If the Internet did not exist, this type of criminal potential could not exist.
The Internet will make studying and doing projects and assignments easier due to the ease with which students can find helpful material.
Teachers will be suspicious of students handing in projects based on Internet research since it will be difficult to tell what work is the student's, and what work is copied.
The physical speed of accessing information and up-to-date information will allow students to learn more effectively and perhaps learn more in a smaller amount of time. Not all students have parents who can afford a computer and email at home so some students will be disadvantaged in keeping up the same fast pace of learning in the millenium.
Teachers who use the Internet to teach will give their students a competitive advantage over other students since it will be necessary to know about the Net regardless of your subject of study. Some teachers, who do not personally know much about the Internet will not incorporate this into their learning and therefore their students will be at a disadvantage. If the Internet did not exist, this disadvantage would not exist.
The Internet will save us time (eg. electronic banking) so we can have more time for recreation and leisure activities. The Internet creates more work each day - I spend an extra 45 min answering email I never had to do before.
Access to the Internet by regular people allows them to put up websites and express ideas and opinions freely. Enhanced freedom of expression is a great attribute of being able to publish on the WWW. Advanced techniques to follow and track a person's WWW surfing will decrease privacy since strangers and potential employers will be allowed easy access to personal information about you.
SME - Small Medium Sized Enterprises find the Net very useful because it allows them to do business without having to spend the money on a physical store In truth, developing a good web page and internet marketing presence can be very expensive and requires a lot of time and special expertise - which many small companies cannot afford
Internet web sites can be used by different cultural groups to promote activities, events, understanding and connect people together around the world Racist groups can put up web sites under the guise of "free speech" and it is very difficult to shut them down
job hunting - access is extensive
- many opportunities exist to know about jobs and submit your resume with much easier effort than traditional methods
competition is intense for jobs on the net. success in competiting is determined by limited factors
- also, people without access cannot compete for these jobs at all
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