As Taught by Prof. Tim Richardson School of Marketing and e-Business, Faculty of Business
This course was taught Sept 2000 - Dec 2000
In 2001, it was split in half and two new courses were created 
IEC 729 to focus on the E-commerce Payment Systems and Banking aspects, and 
IEC 818 to focus on the Security and Legal Issues aspects
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 E-commerce payment systems
  • Authentication:
  • Integrity:
  • Encryption:
  • Non-repudiation:
Online Credit Card-based Systems
Credit card security in e-commerce (B2C)
Electronic Commerce Modeling Language

students will also work in teams to help build the "e-payment systems matrix"

E-Business & Banking (B2B), (B2C)
  • changing customer needs
  • changing demographic trends and potential new customer markets
  • cross-industry competition caused by deregulation

  • new on-line financial products

    students will also work in teams to help build the 
    "bank matrix"

E-business Law and Regulations
  • Privacy
  • Consumer Protection
  • validity of contracts
  • jurisdictions
  • domain name concerns and  trademark concerns
  • linking
Intellectual Property and copyright concerns
Copyright Protection Techniques

Taxation issues
what is covered under existing legislation, what is not

Security concerns

It is not intended that the presentation of these security topics will result in the participants learning everything they need to know - but rather
1. create an awareness of the business and marketing consequence of these topics
2. identify resources they can access should they need to know a lot more

  • Copyright Protection Techniques
  • principles of competitor monitoring
  • Competitor Intelligence, role in new product development
  • Security monitoring services
  • Firewall and other hardware and software considerations
  • viruses and electronic sabotage
Class 1 Sept 6
Class 2 Sept 13
Class 3 Sept 20
Class 4 Sept 27
Class 5 Oct 4
Class 6 Oct 12
Class 7 Oct 18
Class 8 Nov 1
Class 9 Nov 8
Class 10 Nov 15
Class 11 Nov 22
Class 12 Nov 29
Class 13 Dec 6

Final Exam
Dec 13 Wed 08:30

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