As Taught by Prof. Tim Richardson 

last updated 2008 May 06
Assignments   Summary

20%  Class Participation / contribution 
- participation, contributions
- quizzes
- in class exercises
15% Web Report Assignment
examine 5 online business web sites from a selected category - Rank the sites and make comments
25% Storefront Project a simple business plan and make a real web page like a potential store front - done as an individual
40% Team Web Site Project 

                     click here to see a sample project

  • 5%   pre-report
  • 20% the Team website
  • 15% in class Team presentation
- a website done in a group
- followed by a presentation to the class written project tips - Part 2
Using Mature Language

WTGR made a short video with some tips about using "mature language" when you are composing the sentances in written assignments.
(the sound is low so turn the volume up)


plagarism means using someone else's work without attribution
(if you don't know what attribution means, look it up in the dictionary)
- basically, when you "cut and paste" words off another site, and use it for the storefront project in TCS301, you MUST put quotes around the exact words, and say which URL it comes from
- you CANNOT say all these pictures come from Google
- that is NOT acceptable
- you have to do "............." (from
- and say things like the pic above comes from and the pic below comes from

- if you DO NOT do this you will lose 5% marks for each infraction (keep in mind the assignment is out of 25%)

- so GO BACK and check your storefront and add in quotes if needed and say which it came from
- the reason I need this is to be able to tell what words you wrote !!!!, and what words you used from another site
- you are encouraged to write product descriptions in your own words and discouraged from simple cutting and pasting to much cause I want you to learn something