As Taught by Prof. Tim Richardson School of Marketing and e-Business
.last updated 2003 March 31st

Participation is defined as regularly attending class (not just for filling a seat) and asking and answering useful questions which further  contribute to the subjects discussed in each session. To this end, it is strongly recommended, that participants do indeed read the assigned  chapters and WWW pages BEFORE class, so that questions may be asked and good discussions takes place.  Program Participants should make an effort to contribute useful information on regular occasions

Contributions can also be made by identifying resources on the WWW that would be useful to the class. These contributions can be made in the form or emailing information to the professor, or bringing to class various articles and documents. If you do send an email, DO NOT just send the URL - you should make a summary, in your own words, as to why the article is useful and how it contributes to what we are discussing in class. Really good emails could be worth 2, 3 or possibly even 4 marks.

Class participation / contribution will be calculated on a per incident basis so students should plan on trying to have something useful to say, or contribute at least once every second or third class.

Class participation marks can also include one or two small quizzes done in class - if you are not present that day - you will lose the mark for the quiz.

Do not leave class participation to the end of the course. All class participation marks will be finalized 1st week in April

Web Report Assignment

To be done as an individual. Using search engines (see ) examine 5 online business web sites from a
selected category (ie. tourism, sports, trout fishing, pick-up trucks, doll collecting etc.). You may want to choose a category similar to the one you will be working with for your Storefront Project. Rank the sites according to a  system to show how you rate them - for example, a star system where 5 stars is the best.
Discuss each site using the following criteria to make comments.

Convert this information to a web page and provide the link to it can be seen here.
 Using a table format is recommended.  You will want to include an introduction to your report. Please include graphics and links where appropriate and proper navigation.

When you finish this assignment, you should put something on the Web Report Assignment page to allow me to know it is done, eg., like "finished Feb 2"

Storefront Project

Create a simple business plan , whereby you are marketing your own expertise and or products. Keep in mind the critical analysis you did of sites for your web report and integrate the best elements observed at leading commercial sites.

These storefronts need to demonstrate the following basic elements:

This small project is for exploring and organizing your skills and abilities as you develop an online ebusiness presence. It is a "warm-up" to the Team Web Site Project. You should be able to do this Storefront with a minimum of "fuss". Demonstrate your approach to creative problem-solving by the ways in which you organize and represent yourself.  Use your imagination.

When you finish this project, you should put something on the Storefront Project page to allow me to know it is done, eg., like "finished Feb X"

If some of the features look better in Netscape, or I.E., then put a note at the top of your page saying, "looks best viewed in Netscape", or "looks best viewed in Internet Explorer"

Print out the first page of the assignment, and hand it in to me - it is on this page that I will make comments, and hand it back to you.

Team Web Site Project
Plagarism Please understand that it is OK to use material and images from other websites, BUT, if you do not explain from where you got this material, it will be considered plagarism - furthermore, if you cut and paste code off other sides to produce effects on your page, such as drop down menus, scrolling text boxes etc, - you must explain where you obtained this from, unless you learned how to do it yourself.
This will be a project done by two or three people. The people do not have to be in your specific section, but they do have to be in MRK 610. This project cannot be done by an individual - the reason for this is due to our desire that you experience team work on projects because that is how they do it in business in 2003; many aspects of working are "project oriented". It is your responsibility to find a good team member. Be careful to work with someone who will share the task equally and do everything you agree to.

The team cannot include 4 people because experience has shown that this does not work often and not everyone can substantiate that they worked equally on the tasks. Each group is responsible for personal problems in the group - you have to work them out yourself.

This project cannot be done by a single person. Your are responsible for making contact with some other student as part of the project, so that nobody does this alone.

TEAM PROJECTS Many professors have students do assignments and projects in class in teams. The purpose is to replicate the real work environment when you graduate. These days, many marketing and business activities are done on a project basis among different people in a company and among people of different companies. Being able to work well on a team is important to being hired, and keeping a job in the new Millenium.
In this project you will be begin by writing a  business plan , meaning write a GOPST and M4 (Money, Management, Market and Materials) and SWOT. The business plan part should be realistic - but not something you spend a lot of time on. The reason for doing the business plan is to prove that the "marketing" aspect of the Web Site Project makes sense.

Your main job is to make pages, and upload to your account images and text that show an example of what a real web site would look like for a SME that would want to go on the net.

You are welcome to look at real-life examples of companies you know, but do not copy those pages - make your own. Everything about this website should look real - except you are not responsible for creating a working shopping cart for taking credit cards since the details of setting up a payment system is not part of the learning objectives for this course.

The best way to get a good mark on this project is pick a subject which is realistic and allows you to address all the tasks. Do not spend a lot of time fussing with pictures and colours, work on the business aspects.


When you are finished your project, put the names of all the group members on the first page. For the people in the group who are NOT hosting the site, make sure they have a link to the site so when I go to their page, I can see where the project is.
When everything is uploaded and it is ready for marking, put "finished, April xx" on the main page so I will now it is done. If you are not finished by the due date, I will mark what you have done, but I will not mark additional changes you make after the due date.

Remember, there is no final exam in this course, you should work hard on this project since it is the major mark of the course. This is a 6th semester course, you should be conscientious about the quality of your work.