www.witiger.com/senecacollege/INB524/observationform.htm this is the page with the points and questions which will guide you in your interview, and report with a person actually involved in international business

Interview Report Presentation Schedule 2002

If you do not do your presentation on the date scheduled, there will be a 2 mark deduction, if you do not do your presentation on the next available date there will be a further 2 mark deduction.

If you have a reason why you could not do your presentation the following will be taken into account and you might not have marks deducted

The following ARE NOT acceptable reasons Many students work hard to do their projects on time - they should not be insulted by allowing people to hand in material, or do presentations late - and receive the same mark: it's not fair.
. Name Date of 2002
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Some web sites where you can get information on companies that might have staff who are involved in international selling
Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada
- a national association of Canadian companies involvedin exporting
The Toronto Board of Trade
Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association 
APMA is Canada's national association representing OEM producers of parts,
  equipment, tools, supplies and services for the worldwide automotive industry
the Business Council on National Issues
Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) 
the Canadian Advanced Technology Association
the consulting company Stepping Stones maintains a web site with a list of web sites for other countries embassies
The provincial governments give out awards to companies that do well in exporting. Sometimes the lists, containing the names of the award winning companies, and it is a good place to find a firm that you could contact
Sometimes the provincial government information on exporting companies is available from government press releases, which include the names of exporting companies
The federal government also notes companies that do well in exporting.
- go here to see a list of companies profiled