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March 5
March 19
Interview Assignment 
Report 10% and
Presentation 10%

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details on  what questions to ask and points to consider

This assignment will involve the student
  1. making contact with someone actually involved in international selling
  2. criteria
    • company must be a Canadian firm
    • must be involved in exporting goods or services
    • they export to countries other than the U.S.
  3. meet the person and ask questions about their work and selling activities
  4. write a report about what you learned (use an Observation Form)
  5. make a small presentation to the class about what you learned so the rest of the class can benefit from your experience
  6. the most important part about being successful in this assignment is doing some hard work to find a good company and making contact with a person really involved in international selling
  7. the purpose of the assignment is to have contact with a person involved in international selling so that you may have first-hand knowledge of what that area of business is about