INTL 220 Assignment Information

For the sections taught by Tim Richardson

Assignment Details INTL 220:

10% Assignment 1 - Country Profile: Individual Presentation to the Class
Details and Schedule of Presentations

10% Assignment 2 - Association profile

Task: Identify a Canadian industry/trade association that is involved in International Business. You will be marked partly on your choice of an appropriate association.

20% Term Project - Group project on a company

Term Project Details

10% Class participation / attendance / quizzes

Attending class on a regular basis is necessary to pass the course. The professor will regularly ask questions in class based on the Chapters in the textbook and students are expected to be able to answer the questions to "earn" class participation marks. In addition, some short quizzes will be given on an infrequent basis. These quizzes will ask questions based on the Chapter you are supposed to have previously read in the text. If you are absent for the quizzes, there will be NO "make-up" quizzes.

Assignments handed in late will have marks deducted - UNLESS prior arrangement made with the instructor