Term Project 20% - Group Project on a Canadian company

This is a written Report.


  1. Develop research skills, learn where to find business/corporate information
  2. Co-operation in a team environment
  3. Delegation of responsibilities in a peer project setting

Criteria for selecting a company

  1. It must have continuous growth in sales in profits in the past 5 years
  2. The number of employees must be continually growing in the past few years
  3. The company must (previously or currently) hire community college graduates
  4. The company must be involved in international business (importing and/or exporting)
  5. The company should have cultural diversity of employees
  6. The company must show respect for the environment and concern for pollution

What you must do

  1. Form a group of 3 or 4 people
  2. Investigate several companies first to see which one fits ALL the criteria
  3. Make direct contact by mail / tel / fax / email and/or visit some people at the company in person in order to be able to ask important questions. You CANNOT get all the information from the Internet - you must show some direct contact with the company.
  4. Write your report on the company

What your Report must say

  1. How the company fits your criteria
  2. Basic activities
  3. Basic information on the business sector in which the company competes
  4. Description of specific contact with the company
  5. What are the trends that makes this a good company to work for in 3 years
  6. Your recommendations to the class as to whether this would be a good company to try and find a job with


  1. For 2nd week in October, submit, on one sheet of paper, the names of the members in your group, and the names of the companies you are considering
  2. Submit the final Report Tuesday, Nov 28th