Superbowl Commercials

2018 - 2020 Verizon controversy about throttling internet speed
Verizon refused to lift restrictions on data speeds for the California Fire Department during the 2018 wildfire crisis unless they upgraded to a more expensive service plan.

In 2019 they released a new commercial where they "pat themselves on the back."
called "The team that wouldn't be there"
for the Superbowl 2020, cellphone company Verizon did a commercial honouring First Responders.
The point being that a number of famous professional football athletes had their lives, and playing careers, saved by firefighters who responded to a 911 call, and rescued them. first 60 sec is a copy of the 2020 Verizon commercial about 5G helping firefighters.
Other video criticizing internet throttling (warning "adult language")
The rest of the video contains news journalists discussing how in 2019 Verizon slowed the speed of the Santa Clara fire department's data plan, which negatively effected communications.
"Teachable Point"
83% of firefighters in Canada (like my oldest son) are volunteers

..dedicated professionals who pack in extra thousands of hours of training on complicated pieces of machinery and medical procedures in addition to most working full-time jobs
... they sacrifice a lot of time away from their family to keep you safe
..the least we can do is keep people off the f * # king phone when they're driving and save Firefighters from being called out to a MVA ending VSA.