Building Internet  Commerce Ventures

A 3rd year undergraduate course in the 
Division of Management, 
University of Toronto at Scarborough

For the section taught by Tim Richardson                 Monday evenings, Sept - Dec 2001

Course Materials

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Course Textbooks and Online resources

Creating Stores on the Web, 2nd  Edition by Sawyer, Greely, Cataudella
This is the principle book we will use in MGTC50 which has the emphasis on actually building a working commercial website

Chapters we will use include
Chpt 5 Web store business models
Chpt 6 Launching your online store
Chpt 7 Developing your own website
Chpt 8 Stocking your store
Chpt 10 Finding Customers  online
Chpt 11 Promoting your store
Chpt 14 Payment acceptance
Chpt 15 Crime
Chpt 17 Shipping
Publisher: Peachpit Press

i-Net+ Guide to Internet Technologies by Jean Andrews
This is the technical book we will use in MGTC50 which has the emphasis on the Internet Technologies you will need to understand in order to build a website

Chapters we will use include
Chpt 1 Using the Net
Chpt 2 How the Internet Works
Chpt 3 Building a web site
Chpt 4 uploading pages, FTP
Chpt 5 Images and Sound on pages
Chpt 6 Web Hosting
Chpt 11 Internet Infrastructure
Chpt 12 Internet Security
Publisher: Course Technology; Thomson Learning

Electronic Commerce: Second Edition    The new [2001] 2nd edition of the book by Gary Schneider and James Perry
A substantial number of chapters will be used from this book in both MGTC50 and MGTD06.

Chapters we will use for MGTC50 include
Chpt 1 Intro to e-commerce
Chpt 2 Infrastructure for e-commerce
Chpt 3 Web-based tools for e-commerce
Chpt 4 E-commerce software
Chpt 5 and Chpt 6 Security Threats
Chpt 7 Electronic payment systems
Publisher: Course Technology; Thomson Learning

online resources:

Course Description

This highly interactive hands-on course provides students with a set of theoretical principles and practical skills necessary to develop an Internet commerce enterprise.

Weekly lectures will provide guidance and direction to the material contained in an extensive web site developed just for MGTC50.

The main purpose of the course is to guide and empower students with learning as much as they can about making a working web site that can be used for Internet commerce in business to consumer and business to business situations. Students will develop an understanding of a working web site through a term group project that requires they create web pages with content related to an online business solution for a small/medium sized enterprise.

Specific course topics are outlined at

Course Evaluation

Term Group Project 50%
Test #1 15%
Test #2  25%
Class Participation / Contribution 10%

Term Group Project 50%

Tasks of the Term Group Project:

The purpose of this project is to investigate a "real" company (preferably one in the GTA so you can meet face2face). The criteria for selecting a company would be based on a firm that

Test #1 15%

Short answer questions based on the material in the first few classes

Test #2  25%

Essay answer questions based on the material in the 2nd and 3rd month of the course.

Class Participation / Contribution 10%

Participation for a hands-on oriented course is defined as asking and answering useful questions which further  contribute to the subjects discussed in each part. To this end, it is strongly recommended, that participants  do indeed read the assigned chapters and WWW pages, so that questions may be asked and good exchanges and discussions take place.

Contributions can also be made by identifying resources on the WWW that would be useful to the course.  These contributions can be made in the form of emailing the information to the professor. When making   such subsmissions, don't simply email the URL, go further and describe some reasons why the particular  site/article is relevant.  Class participation / contribution will be calculated on a per incident basis so students should plan on trying  to have something useful to say, or contribute at least once every second or third class.

Final Exam

There is no final exam in this course. This course emphasizes a hands-on approach to develop an Internet commerce enterprise and therefore the Term Group Project will have an equivalent weight to a Final Exam.

Missed Tests

If you miss a test, you must provide documents which can substantiate that you had a serious impediment to being able to be present for the test eg. medical note in legible writing if you claim sickness, airline ticket stub if you claim travel. Each case will be discussed on the merits of the circumstance.

Instructor's Expectations

To do well in this course you must
1. Attend class on a regular basis so that you may understand

2. Be able to, or know someone in your group who is able to 3. Set aside time to read the online material and be able to monitor various periodicals online and offline that deal with the course materials

4. Be able to make contact with a company that has an interest in an online Internet presence, and

Schedule of Classes