Grading Information


Building Internet Commerce Ventures
A 3rd year undergraduate course in the 
Division of Management, 
University of Toronto at Scarborough
For the section(s) taught by Tim Richardson                 Monday evenings, 19:00 (7:00 pm) - 21:00 (9:00 pm)

The grading for this course is based on the premise that the participants, upon completion of the course, will be able to execute all the steps necessary to conceptualize, create, and load online an e-business web site. The emphasis is on the business aspects, not the technical aspects. Students will be expected to create a working web site, though they will not be necessarily responsible for having done the operational details of the payment systems.

15% Test, Oct, in class
25% Test 2, Nov, in class
10% Class participation/contributions (depends on the class size)
50% Final Project
  • 10% pre-report, Business Plan (October) - related to the Final Project
  • 10%  contact with the client / target company
  • 15% development of the web page
  • hosting solutions
  • domain name registration  process
  • web page appearance and functionality
  • images, text, sound, links, navigation, spelling !
  • 15% marketing report
  • market research
  • product development process
  • CRM customer relationship management
  • promotional mix
  • mass selling - including a breakdown into advertising and publicity
  • sales promotion
  • personal selling