MGT C46  Jan - Apr 2009
Managerial Perspectives in a Global Economy 
A 3rd year undergraduate course at 
University of Toronto at Scarborough 
This course was launched by, and is normally taught by, 
Prof. Walid Hejazi
In 2009 Jan-Apr it will be taught by 
Prof. Tim Richardson CONTACT
updated 2009 Jan 08
Exclusion: ECMC93H , ECO230Y, ECO364H;  Prerequisite: ECMB02H & ECMB06H

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Course Summary:
The surge in globalization, especially for Canada
   o which has an export led economy
   o and an economy with a significant amount of FDI - foreign direct investment
has increased the need to extend managerial principles into a global context.
..........    "all managers have to be international business managers"  ............
This course focuses on the environment of international business and cross-border trade and foreign investment strategy decisions faced by managers.
From a corporate perspective, managers must consider whether it is optimal to service foreign markets through trade, investment, joint ventures, or strategic alliances. We review the conceptual framework used to analyze international economic transactions, and explore topics around international business, international trade, international finance, theories of FDI, outsourcing and global supply chain management.
- written by W. Hejazi, Dec 2008