calculate your GPA
As taught by Prof. Tim Richardson Sept - Dec 2005
last updated 2005 Nov 26 Prof. Lucie Dutfield, retired from the School of Marketing at Seneca, prepared this great page on GPA and it is still useful to students in 2005 and 2006

Prof. Dutfield explains

"Several programs at Seneca require a minimum overall GPA in order to proceed in the program. Be sure to consult the program progress flowchart and/or the college calendar to become familiar with your program's criteria."

"If you are thinking of continuing your post secondary education in another institution, you might be required to have a certain minimum GPA to be considered as an applicant."

Prof. Dutfield explains

"How is GPA calculated ?

   o At the end of each semester, your course grades are recorded as a letter grade on your transcript.

   o Each letter grade is worth a certain amount of points out of a possible 4. (see chart below)

   o Every semester all your course letter grades are converted to their equivalent GPA value, added up and divided by the number of courses added up that semester, thus giving you your overall GPA for the semester.

   o At the bottom of your transcript, you will notice the 'current' semester GPA as well as the accumulated 'to date' GPA. The 'to date' GPA is calculated by adding all the semester GPAs since you began your program and dividing by the number of semesters so far. It is a numerical 'weathervane' of your academic status to date.." a good resource from Bellevue Community College

shows simple steps to make the calculation

n a good resources from

allows you to do the calculation online by just typing in the values - kewl