GETTING STARTED in MRK 410 / MRK 610 / MRK 619 (2009), and MRK 260 (summer of 2009)
updated 2009 May 21
. In the first section of this course these are the following things for you to do.
  • attend class on a regular basis
  • regularly read the material on the class webpage so that you may understand what the professor will discuss in class each day
  • respond to questions in class based upon having read the material in the course outline
  • take the important points from each lecture and consider how to work them in to your
    • Storefront Project 
    • Team Web Site Project 
. Getting started in the very beginning
  • using the space on you learn account
  • make an index.html page for MRK619 under which you will have other pages and content so that the professor has a place to see your work
    • example
  • it is very important that you name this file EXACTLY index.html
  • create an assignment.htm page for your first assignment "Web Report Assignment"
    • example
  • follow the steps below

  • WTGR
bring a diskette, or USB jumpdrive with you to class so that if you are working on a webpage, you have a place to "keep" your files

1. Using FTP, make a subdirectory for MRK619 (or MRK260) (the old example uses MRK 410)
this is a screen capture (2006) of where to get FTP on the machines in the labs

- put this MRK619 (or MRK260) directory inside the public directory, so this means you click on public, like the screen capture

(old example uses MRK410)

Once you are inside the public_html directory, then
click on the button "MkDir" in FTP and you can make a new directory off of the public_html one

When you do this, type in MRK619 (or MRK260) in upper case letters

so after you make the directory you should have this

this is the place where you will put all your files for the course

2. For MRK 619 using Netscape composer 4.8 make a simple "splash" page - name this page "index.html"
  For MRK260 you will be making content using Dreamweaver and Firefox
From Netscape Composer, 
click on  "file", 
then "new", 
then "blank page"
the page will appear like this

then just type in your content

when you finish making the page, click on file, a menu will drop down and you can save the page
save the file with the name "index.html"
- it is very VERY important you spell exactly this index.html

3. Once you have made this index page, FTP the page inside the subdirectory of MRK619
  - FTP an associated images or pictures also to the subdirectory
4. Assignment 1
 - read the description of the assignment
- make a page for the assignment, such as "assignment1.htm"
5. FTP the assignment up to the MRK619 directory
6. link the assignment page to the index page
- this requires opening the index.html page
- editing the page to add the link
- save the page
- re-FTP the index page back up to the site