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School of Marketing and e-Business

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Web Report Assignment     15% of the term mark
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To be done as an individual. Using search engines (see ) examine 5 online business web sites from a
selected category (ie. tourism, sports, trout fishing, pick-up trucks, doll collecting etc.). You may want to choose a category similar to the one you will be working with for your Storefront Project. Rank the sites according to a  system to show how you rate them - for example, a star system where 5 stars is the best.

Discuss each site using the following criteria to make comments.
o First impressions: design, layout, graphics, fonts, colours, etc.
o Navigation - ease of use, links
o If material is current and up to date
o Problems observed - difficulties, hype, misleading materials
o Useful applications for customers and other site visitors
o E-commerce considerations (ie: security regarding method of payment)
o Additional comments
you will be graded with a letter which will be converted to a mark out of 15

the table explaining this is to the left

Convert this information to a web page and provide the link to it, so it  can be seen on your main page
- your main page will be

 Using a table format is recommended.  You will want to include an introduction to your report. Please include graphics and links where appropriate and proper navigation.

Go here for an example of how to improve your spacing and layout

When you finish this assignment, you should put something on the Web Report Assignment page to allow me to know it is done, eg., like "finished Feb 2"