Country Profile Presentation Schedule July-August 2002
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last updated 2002 July 30th
Name of Student Country Date of Presentation
Apostolou Italy July 4th done
Blazevic Argentina July 4th done
Chau Norway July 4th done
Dalley Barbados July 4th done
Deng South Africa July 4th done
Fujil Venezuela July 9th done
Gibson Japan July 9th done
Han Hungary July 9th done
Hernandez France July 9th done
Jin, Jooil Cyprus July 11th done
Horiuchi India July 11th done
Ji, Yuan Denmark July 11th done
Jin Feng New Zealand July 11th done
Kim Thailand July 11th done
Kuramoto, Saori Australia July 16th done
Lee, Janey Malaysia July 16th done
Leung, Maverick Spain July 16th done
Hibbert, Jody-Ann Trinidad July 18th done
Lin Sweden July 18th done
Liu. Chong Britain July 18th done
Liu, Heather Indonesia July 23rd done
Ly . July 23rd absent
Lyu Iceland July 23rd done
Mai Peru July 23rd done
Malik Bahrain July 23rd done
Navas Israel July 23rd done
Nguyen, Phuong Pakistan July 25th done
Palazzolo Brazil July 25th done
Peng, Lihong (Cherry) Holland July 30th done
Romonishin Greece Aug 1 absent
Siqueira . July 30th absent
Soimu Belgium July 30th done
Song, Xuemei (Karen) Mexico July 30th done
Sun, Peng (Tony) South Korea. July 30th absent
Tetzba Saudia Arabia. July 30th done
Tunnock Jamaica Aug 1 done
Wang, Helen Egypt Aug 6
Wong, Emily Chile Aug 6
Yang, Chenju Suisse Aug 6
Zhang, Leihao Germany Aug 8
Zhao . Aug 8