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IEC 729
E-Commerce Payment Systems and Banking
As Taught by Prof. Tim Richardson School of Marketing and e-Business, Faculty of Business
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the banks

banks matrix

alliances &
mergers re:
new payment

online bill

banks & wireless

banks & stock trading & e-commerce

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 E-commerce payment systems
  • Authentication:
  • Integrity:
  • Encryption:
  • Non-repudiation:
Online Credit Card-based Systems
Credit card security in e-commerce (B2C)
Electronic Commerce Modeling Language

students will also work in teams to help build the "e-payment systems matrix"

E-Business & Banking (B2B), (B2C)
  • changing customer needs
  • changing demographic trends and potential new customer markets
  • cross-industry competition caused by deregulation

  • new on-line financial products

    students will also work in teams to help build the 
    "bank matrix"


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