BIT 704
Class Participation / contribution 20%
Participation is defined as regularly attending class (not just for filling a seat) and asking and answering useful questions which further  contribute to the subjects discussed in each session. To this end, it is strongly recommended, that participants do indeed read the assigned  chapters and WWW pages BEFORE class, so that questions may be asked and good discussions takes place.  Program Participants should make an effort to contribute useful information on regular occasions

Contributions can also be made by identifying resources on the WWW that would be useful to the class. These contributions can be made in the form or emailing information to the professor, or bringing to class various articles and documents. If you do send an email, DO NOT just send the URL - you should make a summary, in your own words, as to why the article is useful and how it contributes to what we are discussing in class. Really good emails could be worth 2, 3 or possibly even 4 marks.

Class participation / contribution will be calculated on a per incident basis so students should plan on trying to have something useful to say, or contribute at least once every second or third class. In cases where the numbers in BIT704 are quite small, students should endeavour to contribute every class.

Class participation marks can also include one or two small quizzes done in class - if you are not present that day - you will lose the mark for the quiz.

Do not leave class participation to the end of the course. All class participation marks will be finalized 1st week in the 4th month of the course.

Test(s)  20%
Report 20%
Final Team Project 30%