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Entrepreneurial Management

BCS 421

Seneca College, Newnham Campus, Toronto, Canada
For the sections taught by
Prof. Tim Richardson
During the 
Jan - April  2002 term
BHP -  Big Huge project aka Business Plan Final Assignment
Guidelines For Completion

(parts of this BHP come from Section 11 of the text)


Part 1
Letter of Transmittal, Title Page, Table Of Contents

Part 2
Executive Summary and Fact Sheet

Part 3
Goals and Objectives for Company

Part 4
The Environments

Part 5
Product/Service Description

Part 6
Market Analysis:
-Profile of Prime Target Market/Customers
-Market size, Trends, and seasonal patterns
-Sales Estimate and market share

Part 7
Marketing Plan:
-Your Marketing Strategy
-Sales Strategy
-Promotional Plan
-Pricing Policy
-Distribution Plan

Development Plan:
-Product/Service market readiness
-Requirements needed

Production and Operations Plan:
-Operation Outline
-Operation requirements

Financial Plan
-Indicate amount of financing required and how funds will be used
-Terms of investment and return to investor
-Financial projections including, Cash Flow Forecasts, Breakeven Analysis.

Part 8
Your Management Team:

-Key People and Responsibilities and Qualifications
-Principal shareholders, Advisors and Board members

Part 9
-Your Implementation Schedule:
-Describe what needs to be done prior to launch and timing

Part 10
-Supporting Documentation