During the 4th week of July  2005, Richardson was interviewed by Associated Press following the introduction of a bill in the U.S. Senate that would force pornographic Web sites to use age-verification filters and pay a 25 percent excise tax on any transactions. Richardson opinioned that many people who are parents of teens, are less worried about teens viewing porn, and more worried about them being part of the content creation. Secondly, Richardson explained that reason for the rapid increase in the number of porn sites is due to various special techniques being employed by the site creators so they can have their content rank higher in Search Engines. Richardson added that it is a myth that much of the web content is porn and explained that the majority of porn sites do not do well as a consequence  of the intense competitive environment, and problems with payment systems." 
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"Tim Richardson, an Internet commerce professor at Seneca College in Toronto, said the actual number of pornographic Web pages is impossible to confirm because they are so often duplicated to force Internet search engines to list them more prominently."

"But he said the growth has been astronomical because the pornography industry knows how to use technology to stay one step ahead of popular government regulations."

"The whole launching of the porn industry in the 1980s was tied to the VCR and the ability to watch XXX movies in your own home," Richardson said. "There are precedents to how the porn industry has exploited technology, so the Internet is nothing new."

"Also, he said, identity theft is intimately tied to Internet pornography. Identity thieves know those who view pornography are less likely to complain to the authorities, he said. "

"Richardson agrees that the page-click business model is "so 2002" and the proposed legislation misses the mark. "

"To tell you the truth, they don't want young people on their sites because young people generally aren't going to buy this stuff," Richardson said. "It's not underage customers the government should be worried about," but minors pictured on the sites. "