Prof. W. Tim G. Richardson

Richardson is a full-time Professor  at Seneca College, and concurrently teaches at the University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus & Mississauga Campus) in Canada

the pic [2005] is Tim, his wife, and their grandson
I have had my website up since 1998 and in the past few years (other than a joke about St. Patrick's Day) I have never used it for political purposes. The main purpose of my website is academic -  however events in early 2003 have caused me to speak out on a topic which is personally important, therefore I will take advantage of the fact that many people visit this site to broadcast the message below.
"An evidently ancient A to T transversion polymorphism has been identified on the human Y chromosome using denaturing high performance liquid chromatography (DHPLC) methodology. There is no evidence of recurrent mutation at this site. The marker distinguishes an early bifurcation in a Y chromosome haplotype phylogeny composed of ð 60 simple sequence polymorphisms, most of which have not yet been described. The allelic state of this apparently relic polymorphism was determined in ð 900 human chromosomes of diverse global origin. The ancestral (i.e., non-human primate) allele is localized exclusively to a minority of both extant north African and sub-Saharan individuals. All non-African, as well as the majority of African males sampled, carry only the derived allele. This marker suggests that most modern human Y chromosomes trace their ancestry to a single African forefather. In addition, a T to C transition was found which is linked to the same north African and sub-Saharan African chromosomes which maintain the ancestral transversion allele, indicating that some individuals, while currently geographically isolated, once shared a common primogenitor.
from the website of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (link dead 2007)

If you don't have a PhD in genetics, what the above means simply is that all humans on the planet are related, and we all originally come from Africa! 

Let us all, in our own way, do something serious, each day, to stop racism, especially racism to Black people, after all, 
we are ALL related, all of us on this planet.