Presentations Mark Sheet    Group Name ______________________________, Product Name ________________
(typically, someone in the group prints out this sheet, fills in the names, and gives it to the prof in the seconds before the presentation is about to begin)
Names of the group members  (fill in the names in the boxes CLEARLY and spelled properly, first name first, last name last)
. .
. .
Did they dress well, or have a presence fitting upper year  business / marketing students doing a presentation? .
Did they make it easy for the prof to know who they are and who did what? .
Did they Engage the audience in a meaningful way (you have to involved the audience in a meaningful way to get an "A", if you don't - the max score is B+ no matter what you do) .
Was the audience (prof, students) left with the impression they learned something useful or interesting from the presentation  .
Did the students in the group give any indication they had a learning experience and learned something useful and interesting doing this project .
Use of “rich media” - did the video/ppt work, did the sound work .
Things the prof liked about the presentation

What did they do BETTER than some of the other groups?



Things the prof DID NOT like about the presentation