This is the exact words of the emailsent to me from Ivory Coast, West Africa March 27th, 2003. I put the words here so you can see the unusual way in which they write and the manner in which they try to explain it convincingly

The spelling is VERY VERY bad, and if you are going to do this - check the date !!!! don't send a message about Happy New Year in March !!!!! - this is just stupid


From:Patience & Philip Savimbi
Tel: 0022507724309.
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
West Africa.
                           BUSINESS INVESTMENT


Happy New Year And Long Life and Prosparity.

I know that my message will come to you as a surprise,
is due to the political ploblem in this country Permit
me to inform you of my desire of going into business
relationship with you. I am Patience Savimbi and my brother name
Philip Savimbi the Son and Daughter of
late Mr Jonas Savimbi former Unita Rebel movement
leader in Angola, who was assassinated on 22nd
February 2002 by the Angolan Government Forces who are
against his campaign for a united Angola.

Few days before my father was assassinated, he
instructed me and my lovely twinc Brother to move out of
Angola immediately. We therefore managed to escape
together with my lovely twinc Brother from Angola to Abidjan,
Coted'Ivoire through the help of my late father friend
who is a diplomat.

With confidence and trust make me to
submit total on you over this transaction,believing
By faith that you will not betray us over this transaction,
you are like one of us,i need your utmost help my dear.
And i believe with faith you are the one God have bring
out to help us over this transaction,I pray we meet face
to face and stay in mutual benefit.

However we came into Abidjan with some valuable document
regards to the deposit of the fund in the bank by my
late father,titles deposit certificate regarding to
the deposit of the fund to the bank by my late father.
For a cash sum of US$15.6Million U.S.A DOLLARS being
money realized from the sales of Diamonds and
Petroleum products,which he deposited the fund as
belonging to his foriegn partner, because of his
status On getting here in Abidjan,I made inquiries
with the bank and discovered that the fund is still

But the bank demanded that they will hear from
the foreign partner or the foreign partner have to
come to the bank, before th
 his account.

Therein we solicited for your kind assistance over
this transaction, to stand as my late father foreign
business partner,to enable us move together with you
to the bank for the claim of the fund in the bank,
deposited by my late father.

So the bank will transfer the fund to the account you
will provide to the bank for transfer of the fund to
your country,and we also will like you to educate us
in the field of investment and also help us to invest
the fund in a lucrative venture that will be profitable
for our mutual benefit.

I am 19YEARS OLD of age been a novice in the feild of
investment and transaction and due to OUR STATUS we can
not invest this fund in AFRICA.Because if we should do it.
It will raise an eyebrow on us, for that reason I need your personal
assistance to move these money out off ABIDIJAN (Cote
d' Ivoire) entirely for onward investment in your
country because of the unstable political situation
here in Africa and mostly for our future.

I and my lovely Brother will be willing to compersate you
highly with 15% for your noble assistance to us over
this transaction. upon the term of agreement that
will be reach for your percentage with both of us and
if possible I am interested to go into a life partner
with you, because I do not know anything about
investment and international transaction.

We have equally called the bank and informed them of
my intention to come and claim the fund with my late
father's foreign partner and that means with you, in
less than two weeks. For the safety of this
transaction kindly, treat this matter with ultmost

Please kindly indicate your intrest to assist us over
this transaction by contact me via call after going
through the message,this is our telephone number 0022
50 77 24 309 for more details and clearification on
how to forge ahead immediately.

Waiting urgent to hear from you.

Thanks and Remain blessed for ever,

Best regards,

Patience and Philip.