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This page last updated 2002 Feb 1

. When any new technology is developing broad acceptance - it is important for any country to guage how its companies and citizens are adopting it, and developing it in order to project you future competitiveness.



one of the Cdn companies doing well in the wireless community

The Waterloo-based company, maker of the popular BlackBerry pager, announced yesterday (2002, Jan 29)  that mobile phone giants Rogers Wireless Inc. and AT&T Wireless Services Inc. have agreed to market a new voice-enabled version of the device on their next-generation wireless networks. RIM announced a similar contract with Nextel Communications Inc. on Thursday as part of a three-way alliance with Motorola Inc., which will help design a new BlackBerry device featuring voice and radio-dispatch capabilities.
"Rogers Wireless, which already has 26,000 BlackBerry subscribers on its Mobitex data-only network, will become the first wireless carrier in Canada to offer RIM's new device, which people can use to make phone calls, send e-mail and access the Internet. The BlackBerry also functions as an electronic organizer, scheduler and address book, and new units can run a multitude of   applications based on the Java programming language."