E-Commerce, E-Business and Internet Marketing Textbooks

used by Prof. W. Tim G. Richardson for courses taught at Cambrian College
Special Booklist for Cambrian College Students

Studying internet related topics is not any easy thing for a student and it is also challenging for a teacher. The challenge for the teacher is to make accurate decisions on which textbooks to use when the environment of the internet is moving at such a fast pace that many things in printed matter become out of date. However, there are a number of good books about the internet and e-business which, even though things will move fast in 2001,  still provide you with some good material to augment the other material online.

The benefit of a printed book, say some students, is the portability and the ease with which you can write in it to make notes - something which is difficult for net browsers, unless you carry a Palm V with you everywhere.

I'd strongly recommend the first two books on this list  and publisher web site with the others being optional depending on your level of interest.

In addition to the two textbook oriented ones mentioned above, you may also want one of the "strategy" books such as
and http://www.siebel.com/about-siebel/cyberrules.html - these are not written in textbook style but they are strongly suggested since you will find them very helpful with some of the "big picture" concepts and suggestions.

Most people writing textbooks since 1999 have been building accompanying websites so if you decide not to buy the other books, you can still find helpful material from the website accompanying the book.

W.T.G. Richardson May 2001

ECP 1100
Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective. This book's publication date is listed as 2000. It was obtained by the author of this site in November 1999 and is considered an exceptionally good book.  This text will be a key book used in  ECP1100 at Cambrian College. One of the first books to be written as a text with questions and exercises at the end of each chapter. A companion website was operating, including the downloadable powerpoints when last checked in March 2000.
ISBN 0-13-975285-4
500 pages, hard cover
publisher web site
ECP 1100
Electronic Commerce This book's publication date is listed as Nov 1999. Copies were reviewed in February 2000 and it is considered to be an excellent textbook. As part of the "Course Technology"family it is well supported and the accompanying web site is extensive. This text will be a key book used in ECP1100 at Cambrian
The text has particularly good chapters discussing strategies. Companion website. online table of contents
380 pages, soft cover
click to see back cover
Principles of Internet Marketing, by Ward Hanson of Stanford U. is a brand new book that has excellent chapters on Traffic and Brand Building, Pricing Online, Internet Mktg Plans etc. It is a good book for people who want to concentrate on the marketing and business aspect of E-business. Some sections from this will be definitely used in ECP 1100 and would serve well the ECP internet marketing course

ISBN 0-538-87573-9
430 pages, hard cover

The Business of the Internet, by Neal Hannon 
This book was first published in Jan 1998. As part of the "Course Technology" family it is well supported and has an accompanying web site. There are some good chapters on Intranets and Business Security issues. Some topics are not covered in as much detail as some of the larger texts. This book was not specifically recommended for ECP 1100 but you might want it as a supplemental resource. Companion website
ISBN 0-7600-4957-2
260 pages, soft cover
E-Marketing, Second Edition
Professor Judy Strauss (Univ. of Nevada) and Professor Raymond Frost (Ohio State University)
the fact that this book is into Second Edition speaks volumes, many e-commerce books are 1st edition only - which reflects the hard work Strauss and Frost put into this project. We liked this book because it had 2 full chapters covering product and pricing and the material on new product trends was very up-to-date - which is useful for ECP 1100
web site for the book
Includes test bank, chapter exhibits online, sample syllabus + more
Amazon had it in Nov 2000 for $36 USD

ISBN 0-13-032264-4
500 pages, soft cover

In ECP 1100, we have a section dealing with E-commerce strategy, mergers & acquisitions and business models and this book is very useful in that context; also, it has an accompanying web sitewww.futurizenow.comwhich is very advertorial about Siegel et al and has not as much information as it could about the actual book. Siegel also has his own corporate web site at
www.siegelvision.comConsultant David Siegel has a particularly good section in his book (Chpt 2) on  "Why Most Web Strategies Fail". One of the big benefits of this book is the many useful cases studies and "real examples" collected herein.

300 pages, hard cover

Brand Building on the Internet by Martin Lindstrom and Tim Frank Andersen  was published in March 2000 and Amazon just began
listing it August 25th, 2000. Amazon had it for $24 USD 

Recommended purchase for ECP 1100
used in Section 3 + Section 4

ISBN 0-749433-13-2 
 310 pages, soft cover

http://www.siebel.com/about-siebel/cyberrules.html Cyber Rules by Tom Siebel published in April of 1999 is not a textbook but it is a thought provoking collection of essays on the whole internet/e-commerce community. 
http://www.siebel.com/There are many quotable quotes from this book which we will use in the intro to ECP 1100.

Siebel has an excellent grasp of the key issues and even if you only read the first 2 chapters, it is worth buying the book. Amazon has it as do many others. 

290 pages, hard cover

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Prof. Richardson owns one or more copies of each one of the books listed above and has read chapters from each and every book. The purpose of this list is to provide a resource for Cambrian  students. The opinions expressed herein are those of Tim Richardson. The selection of these books does not necessarily imply official endorsement by  Cambrian College.