HTML, XML and other web page editing  Textbooks

also misc. Internet Technical books

used by Prof. W. Tim G. Richardson for e-business and internet marketing courses taught in Canada 
at Seneca College, Cambrian College, Centennial College and University of Toronto
last updated      2002 July 03

HTML Books
used in BCS 500 at Seneca
 The Advanced HTML Companion, 2nd Edition. by Schengili-Roberts and      Silk-Copeland

used in BCS 500 at Seneca
HTML 4 Unleashed Professional Reference Edition by Rick Darnell

A very good resource book for people making a lot of pags and needing to know the HTML code in detail.  Begins with basic concepts and foundations of HTML and then delves into details of tags and their attributes, advanced features, and extensions

Publisher: Sams
Amazon sells it for less than $50 - it has been out for a couple of years

ISBN: 157521380X
1190 pages, hard cover

The Web Style Guide by Patrick Lynch and  Sarah Horton

was not written as a book on how to do advanced HTML, but rather on how to USE advanced HTML, once you  know how to do it.  


HTML 4 Unleashed by Rick Darnell

Publisher: Sams

ISBN: 1575212994
, soft cover

pic of 3rd edition cover
Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 in 21 Days Professional Reference Edition  by Laura Lemay

Since I got this book, a third edition has come out

first ed. Pub. Date:  Dec 28,1998 

Some people say Laura Lemay is the world’s most popular author on HTML and Web development topics.

ISBN 0-672-31408-8
1200 pages, hard cover

Web Programming: Building Internet Applications by  Chris Bates

publisher website at

A good book covering CGI, Java, Perl, HTML etc.

ISBN: 0-471-49669-3
450 pages, soft cover

XML Books

XML In Record Time  by Natanya Pitts

Came out in 1999, was a good book at the time.

Amazon has it, see

ISBN: 0782123406
540 pages, soft cover

XML Schema Essentials  by Andrew Watt, R. Allen Wyke

publishers site
ISBN: 0-471-41259-7
370 pages, soft cover


JavaScript - Introductory  by Don Gosselin

This book is designed for the novice and assumes no knowledge of programming, JavaScript, or HTML.
Publisher: Course Technology
ISBN: 0619000481
380 pages, soft cover

JavaScript - Comprehensive  by Don Gosselin

A very good book, a 2nd edition available since this first one came out.

Publisher: Course Technology
Publisher site
ISBN: 0-619-01555-1
700 pages, soft cover

Introduction to Interactive Programming on the Internet: Using HTML and JavaScript  by Craig Knuckles

available at Amazon

ISBN 0-471-38366-X
400 pages, soft cover

MISC. Internet Technical Books

used in MGTC50
i-Net+ Guide to Internet Technologies 2nd Edition
by Jean Andrews
This is the technical book we will use in MGTC50 in Sept 2002, which has the emphasis on the Internet Technologies you will need to understand (we used the 1st ed in 2001)

Publisher: Course Technology; Thomson Learning

ISBN 0-619-12068-1        
650 pages, soft cover + CD-ROM

i-Net+ Guide to Internet Technologies 1st Edition
by Jean Andrews
This is the technical book we will used in MGTC50 in Sept 2001

ISBN 0-619-01586-1 
 670 pages, soft cover + CD-ROM

Prof. Richardson owns one or more copies of each one of the books listed above and has read chapters from each and every book. The purpose of this list is to share information with fellow professors, as well as providing a resource for students. The opinions expressed herein are those of Tim Richardson. The selection of these books does not necessarily imply official endorsement by Seneca College, Cambrian College, Centennial College or the University of Toronto.