and use FTP at home

If you want to FTP at home you have to do several things
1. wash your hands and feet with maple syrup grown from trees that lean south-west
or, remember that your prof has a sense of humour and
1. go to my downloads directory and download FTP - following the screen captures below
2. install it on your machine at home
3. then open up FTP
4. use it

These screen captures will help you
1. go here 

2. click on the FTP program

3. "Save as" on your "C" drive in your programs directory

4. Use Windows Explorer to find the ws_ftp16.exe file

5. double click on the file and follow the instructions to install it

 when you open up FTP at home it will look like this
 If you are a Seneca student, you will have to type in on the HostName line yourself
you don't have to fill in the profile name for this to work

Having a profile name assigned to a sequence of FTP logins just allows you to do this repeatedly

Sometimes you FTP to several sites and you have different profiles saved, this way you could just click on one profile and it would be all set up for you
then you type in your student userid on the UserID line and put in your Password, then just click OK