As Taught by Prof. Tim Richardson & Prof. Michael O'Neill Jan-Apr 2005
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.. UPDATED 2004 Nov 01
. In the first section of this course these are the following things for you to do.
  • attend class on a regular basis
  • regularly read the material on the class webpage so that you may understand what the professor will discuss in class each day
  • respond to questions in class based upon having read the material in the course outline
  • take the important points from each lecture and consider how to work them in to your
    • Storefront Project 
    • Team Web Site Project 
  • make an index.html page for MRK410 under which you will have other pages and content so that the professor has a place to see your work
    • example
  • create an assignment.htm page for your first assignment "Web Report Assignment"
    • example