Michael Evans

for discussion in class
12 E-Commerce Strategies To Grow Your Business This Year

(strictly speaking these are not "Strategies" in the formal sense, but rather expressions of things the company should do, WTGR)

1. Micro-Target an Online Audience

2. Personalize. Site visitors are demanding one-of-a-kind experiences

3. Create Content to Build Stickiness. Winning e-commerce deploys crowd-sourced content

4. Tailor the Browsing Experience to Target Segments.

5. Integrate Across Channels.

6. Invest in Mobile.

7. Tap into Logistics.

8. Consider Subscription Commerce

9. Bypass the Middlemen

10. Offer a Seamless Experience Across Channels

11. Curate a Proprietary Selection...make merchandise feel exclusive due to the depth and originality of the assortment

12. Sell Internet-Only Merchandise.

In class feb 23rd we'll discuss this list by Evans and see if we'd add, delete or change and of these 12