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GNED 117
As taught by 
Prof. Tim Richardson
Toronto, Canada

The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand how individual persons can discover / invent some "technological application of science" which, depending on the surrounding circumstances, can have a long-term effect on human life.

You task is to choose a person (or group of people) from history (any time period) and describe:

1. The main discovery / invention that they are most famous for
This must be something with clear technological implications, and not just pure science

2. Describe the environments effecting the inventor

3. Describe any related previous inventions, discoveries that may have allowed this new invention to happen

4. The long-term results of this person's most famous discovery / invention

5. Your opinion as to whether he / she could have done anything different to make the discovery / invention have an even more positive consequence.

If the invention is not identified with a specific person  you may focus on describing the people in that society in general, instead of a specific person.
This assignment is worth 10%

Marks given will reflect

If you use sources from the Internet, do not plagiarize - quote them the way you would any other source.

To give you some assistance in looking for names of famous engineers and technological people, you may try these web sites for some leads. DO NOT rely solely on these sites, this is just to give you a bit of a "jump start".

If you have any problems - come and speak to me. Prof. Tim Richardson