Standard Operating Procedures
- a slang expression from the military, which is no widely used in many areas of business, law enforcement, medical community and first responders

SOPs for WTGR's classes

1. if you put up your hand to say something to earn a class participation mark, in class, say your "Last" name loudly and clearly (so the prof can easily find your name on the class list and give you a mark for what you said)

2. if you email the prof. with a question in a long email, include your cell phone number, and he will call you and you can speak directly to sort out the situation

3. if you email the prof and there is no answer in 36 hours, email again (it is not considered "bugging") - profs get dozens and dozens of emails everyday and the high volume means your email might get lost in the shuffle

4. if you hand in an assignment, ALWAYS staple the sheets together, cause if you don't,
     A. it looks like you just printed it, and that means you did it at the last minute
     B. if the pages are not stapled, they will become disconnected as the pile gets bigger and moved around

5. if the prof has not arrived in class within 10 minutes of the starrt time, check his twitter account, chances are he posted an emergency note to explain